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Moving Practice Beyond Analog

Contract is pleased to introduce Evelyn M. Lee, AIA, as a regular columnist. 

Implementing an Ownership Transition: I Built a Firm—So How Do I Get Out?

Many design professionals believe that creating their own firm would be the pinnacle of their career. Their dream is to advance their design skills and have control over their own professional destiny. 

Making the Decision to Respond to an RFP

Winning a great project begins with writing an amazing proposal. In this issue, and continuing in the July/August issue, I will address the steps in the proposal process and how you can win more than your fair share of projects.

Attending NeoCon® to Enhance the Knowledge Base of You and Your Client

Richard N. Pollack, FAIA, FIIDA, writes a regular column for Contract on business practices in design and professional development. This month, he offers advice on why NeoCon® is valuable for designers and their clients to attend in person. 

How Young Practitioners Can Present Themselves As Leaders

Richard N. Pollack, FAIA, FIIDA, writes a regular column for Contract on business practices in design and professional development. This month, he focuses on how emerging professionals can develop as leaders within their firms and the design industry. 

Gaining Projects in the Education Market

Contract has invited Richard N. Pollack, FAIA, FIIDA, to write a regular, ongoing column about business practices in design.

Negotiate Services, Compensation, and Agreement to Win

Most of us decided to become designers and architects based on our love of design and our desire to be part of making the planet a better place. But in order to get there, we also have to focus on the practical and legal aspects when undertaking a project. 

Financial Management for Firms: Accounting, Billing, and Budgeting

An old adage about our profession is: “What does a designer or architect do when they inherit one million dollars?” Answer: “They keep practicing until it’s all gone.”

Strategic Planning for the Design Firm

A key component for starting, running, and growing a firm is setting up a strategy that provides clear direction, yet it’s a component that’s often absent. 

Making Recruiting a Continual Firm Project

Recruiting for employees is something that a firm typically does only when there is a need for new staff. I would argue it is too late then, and that is not the best approach.

Good Project Management Techniques for Interiors Practices

This month, I describe several specific techniques for good project management and, therefore, more successful projects. 

Choosing a Focus in Interiors Project Management

Passion is what drives most of us to pursue a career in design. That may come from various directions, including innate abilities that cannot be ignored or an intellectual interest that becomes overwhelming and must be pursued. 

The Supporting Actor of Interiors

Amuneal creates installations that enhance interior architecture.

Obtaining the Best Insurance Coverage Will Benefit Your Firm

Most interior design and architectural businesses have some financial and administrative components that the firm’s leadership does not properly focus on.

Understanding the Agreement With Your Client

Your firm has won the project, and now it is time to get an agreement in place to begin your services.

Nurturing Staff to Enrich a Healthy Firm

Sound financial and business development strategies and tactics are necessary to help a firm run more efficiently, effectively, and profitably.

Developing a Fee Strategy Focused on Quality

All too often, I hear from architecture and design firms that they have taken a project for significantly less than what they anticipate their services and associated costs to be.

Coworking: A Workplace Paradigm Shift

Coworking is a growing trend throughout the U.S., and it is impacting the way we work

Finding a Place for Freelancers

A design leader from Woods Bagot examines the changing role of contingent workers, and how designers can facilitate their integration

The Wilson Foundation Supports Children in Need in South Africa and Beyond

2014 Legend award winner Trisha Wilson established The Wilson Foundation to address the needs of South Africa’s disadvantaged and underserved children.

Photos from the 2014 Interiors Awards Breakfast

View photos from the 35th Annual Interiors Awards Breakfast.

How Sustainable is Your Interior?

An expert deciphers the latest in sustainable product and material evaluation and certification

Bricks Over Clicks

Enhancing the In-Person Shopping Experience by Design

Winning Work at the Interview: It’s All About Chemistry—Part II

Richard N. Pollack, FAIA, FIIDA, writes a regular column for Contract on business practices in design and professional development.

Winning Work at the Interview: It’s All About Chemistry

Richard N. Pollack, FAIA, FIIDA, writes a regular column for Contract on business practices in design and professional development.

Book review: Sustainable Healthcare Architecture, Second Edition

An Expert Reviews the Revised Edition of the Primary Guide to the Sustainable Design of Healthcare Facilities

The Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Healthcare Design

Experts affiliated with The Center for Health Design describe strategies and interventions for improved outcomes through design.

Designing for Health: Bridging the Gap: Design, Research, and Education

"Designing for Health" is a monthly, web-exclusive series from the healthcare interior design leaders at Perkins+Will that focuses on the issues, trends, challenges, and research involved in crafting today's healing environments.

Tips on Developing Winning Proposals

Richard N. Pollack, FAIA, FIIDA, writes a regular column for Contract magazine on business practices in design and professional development.

Highlights From Salone Internazionale del Mobile and Euroluce

A number of notable architect-designed 
products debut in Milan

Designing for Health: Healing with Light at Nemours Children's Hospital

"Designing for Health" is a monthly, web-exclusive series from the healthcare interior design leaders at Perkins+Will that focuses on the issues, trends, challenges, and research involved in crafting today's healing environments.

Designing for Health: How Community Informs Critical Access Hospital Design

Perkins+Will explains why critical access hospital design is specific and unique to each region

An Update from MASS Design Group

The 2012 Designer of the Year honorees describe their increased reach, scope, and activities in the year since receiving the award

Designing for Health: The Ancient Feng Shui Philosophy in Modern Healthcare

A 4,000-year-old Chinese principle holds water with today's healthcare design practices

Designing for Health: The True Family Women’s Cancer Center

A new oncology center in the Northwest affords a combination of services that support cross-disciplinary collaboration in a physical environment that aids healing

Designing for Health: Physician Shortages and Implications for Design

The healthcare design and construction industry sees a shift to ambulatory care centers, community health clinics, and medical office buildings to accommodate new healthcare delivery models and legislation

The Future in Technology and Experiential Interiors

An expert in retail environments examines emerging technologies that will have a direct impact on how we design spaces

"Next Practices" in Healthcare Design

The American College of Healthcare Architects (ACHA) Next Practices Committee explores how potential changes in healthcare delivery will impact healthcare design

Designing for Health: There Is An App For That

The design of healthcare facilities and the delivery of care are being transformed by technological innovations

What Is Next for Sustainable Design?

In addition to engaging traditional  measures such as energy efficiency, daylighting, and use of healthy materials, sustainability will include a holistic and experientially based design approach

Designing for Health: Healing the Hospital

A state-of-the-art rehabilitation hospital in Boston alters the role of healthcare within civic architecture

Designing Cultural Fluency Firmwide with the Gensler Exchange

Diane Hoskins, FAIA, executive director and southeast regional managing principal at Gensler, speaks to the firm's latest professional development program

International Design and Practice: Lessons From an Expert Abroad

An architect with an American firm shares his insight and personal lessons on international practice

Designing for Health: Improving the Patient Experience in Chemotherapy Suites

Two oncology healthcare professionals provide a better understanding of design for improved patient experience

Designing for Health: How Interior Design Informs Medical Research and Technology

A new pharmaceutical company's headquarters supports state of the art research and development, improving outcomes and lives, and strategic partnerships for a global reach

Designing for Health: Health at Work

One designer examines ways workplace design can positively impact the health of its occupants

Designing for Health: Action Research as a New Paradigm for Improving Health Outcomes

Design and health thought-leaders from around the world share insights on application-based methodology

Hospitality's Influence on Workplace Design

Lauren Rottet, founder of Rottet Studios, connects corporate spaces to hotels

The Metrics of Distributed Work

Knoll study points to an emerging work model

ASID Profiles the Design Industry

Numbers indicate the recession’s sharp impact

Designing for Health: Special Design Considerations for the Middle East

Cultural differences in the Middle East inform design preferences in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Designer Perspectives: A Q&A with Randy Fiser, ASID EVP/CEO

Randy Fiser began as the new executive vice president and chief executive officer in February, succeeding Michael Alin who served in the role for more than 20 years

Designing for Health: Exploring Collaboration in the Consolidated Interventional Platform

A Perkins + Will designer imagines the possibilities in healthcare delivery with a few department reconfigurations for greater efficiency

Designing for Health: The differences between U.S. and U.K. clinical planning models

Differences in healthcare design such as spacial allocation were found during collaboration on several projects in the U.K. for a U.S. health system client

Designing for Health: Widening a Natural Circle of Inclusion

Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital's Willson Hospice exemplifies the holistic model of well being in Georgia

Designing for Health: Mentoring the Next Generation of Healthcare Design Professionals

Local students get real world experience with The University Health System in San Antonio, Texas

Designing for Health: When the Professional Becomes the Patient--An Insider's Perspective

Perkins+Will designers discuss healthcare from the patient's perspective when one of their own shares a personal experience

Designing for Health: The Evolving Role of the Design Professional Through Public Private Partnerships

The leaders at Perkins+Will discuss in this month’s exclusive online column how these types of collaborative projects can result in a more rewarding experience and end product

Designer Perspectives: Strategies to Manage Global Design Teams

Joan Blumenfeld, interior design leader for Perkins+Will’s New York office, speaks about the challenges in coordinating design teams on an international level

Design Practice: Smaller, Sustainable Retail

A retail design expert points to smaller floorplates and sustainable design as significant trends for chains

Designing for Health: How to Attack EDAC

The leaders at Perkins+Will share in this month’s online column their best strategies for taking the intimidating Evidence-Based Design Accreditation Certification exam

Scenario Planning: A Tactical Approach to Planning for Tomorrow and Beyond

Scenario planning provides multiple options for avoiding dead-ends and enables firms to achieve a new equilibrium when thrown off track

Practice: From the Inside Out

Greening your practice is an ongoing process of evaluation and refinement, rather than a one-time action

Practice: Global Consensus

An international group of interior designers and architects makes history in New York with the first global declaration establishing the importance of the interiors profession to the built environment

Download the Interiors Entity (DFIE) Global Symposium Declaration

The historic event and declaration signing establishes importance of the interiors profession

Rules of Thumb for Interior Design Construction in 2011: Is No News Good News?

As we look ahead to 2011, we see a more consistent warming of the market, with erratic economic growth on the foreseeable horizon

Practice: From Projects to Products

Institutionalizing product design at HOK

Design Practice: Your Web Site is the A&D Office That Never Closes

A powerful Web site can reach out dynamically, effectively, and entertainingly so the world can reach back

Practice: The Manufacturers’ Rep is a Constant in a Sea of Change

As the commercial furnishings industry has matured, so have those traditional methods of obtaining product information.

Looking Ahead at Adaptive Reuse: Designing for the Gain Factor

The future of our design disciplines and service philosophies should bring a demand for increased ingenuity in design, flexibility, durability, and longevity in our buildings.

Designer Perspectives: A Relationship Guide for Clients and Architects

Architects and "Design through Dialogue: A Guide for Clients and Architects" authors Teresa von Sommaruga Howard and Karen Franck share some of their practical A&D business advice.

IIDA Industry Roundtable 2010 Report: The Changing Business Practice of Interior Design

If there ever was “business as usual” in the interior design industry, it is no more.

Interior Design Practice: IIDA Industry Roundtable Finds There's No Such Thing as Business as Usual

IIDA roundtable discussion focuses on the shifts in business practice among design firms, with the underlying theme of “change.”

Nex-Gen NeoCon®: Designer Pages, MMPI Explore Digital Realm

New technology introductions, and collaboration with Contract magazine, aim to enhance NeoCon® 2010 attendee experience

Cracking the Code: Permit Processing as a Spiritual Journey

How can you navigate coding and permit snafus?

Ready. Set. NeoCon®: 2010 Exhibition Preview

The annual industry expo is poised to be the most comprehensive yet. What can attendees expect?

Practice: A Change for the Better

Design specialists are uniquely positioned to help navigate the process of change in the workplace

Design Q&A: How Will Green Jobs Save the A&D Industry?

Current AIA president George Miller shares his views on the Great Recession, the economic potential of green job creation, and how architects and firms can get involved.

Point of View: The Name “Interior Designer” Is a Misnomer Because of Broader Duties

The interior designer today is concerned not only with determining furniture, furnishings, colors, materials, and finishes, but also with organizing and predicting basic concepts of work organization and traffic flow for large corporate or institutional entities.

Designer Perspectives: Christian Hogue Dishes on Marketing Strategies for Solo Architects and Small Firms

Author of the recently released The Profitable Architect speaks about the ways in which architects can promote their own style and optimize profit.

Essay from the Past: If You Cut Your Fee, Do You Bleed?

From June 1990: Architects and interior designers would have much more to gain by educating society about the true value of design in our lives.

The Inadmissible Evidence Behind Design

Research has become a hot topic lately in interior design especially in the arenas of sustainability, healthcare, and workplace environments.

Legal Green: Navigating Sustainable Design Law

Sustainable building practices come with the related burden of myriad legal issues for architects, interior designers, and their clients to consider.

Design Outlook: Expect Sustainable Growth in Green Interiors

As the economy recovers, the good news is that demand for sustainable design and products in the interiors markets will accelerate even more.

Design Practice: Reading the Tea Leaves of Future Design

As alliances and collaborations combine with more frequency, and technological possibilities accelerate, how designers work and what the profession will look like will change profoundly.

Technology Trends: Changing the Way Designers Work

From smartphones to Google, technology is changing the way designers approach the very practice of design.

Future Design: Leading in the Global Market

After a devastating year of layoffs, furloughs, and closures, businesses are repositioning for the post-great recession economy. What will this new economic landscape look like?

Essay on the Future of Design: More Happiness, Less Stuff

More happiness, less stuff. It’s the conclusion I’ve been drawing lately on the speaking circuit, as I describe my reworking of a famous equation by Paul and Anne Ehrlich from their book The Population Bomb—the environmental impact equation.

Essay from May/June 1962: The Contract Design Dilemma

This article addresses itself to a dilemma facing the contract and interior design field and particularly as it affects the final client—the business firm or corporation. The dilemma is not of anyone’s particular making but it causes serious enough headache to warrant attention and, it is hoped, clarification.

What is the Future of Design?

At this fateful juncture in our social and economic history, when everything from personal values to business processes is up for reevaluation, there is renewed talk of the potential for design thinking to chart a more enlightened future for corporate America and beyond.

Video: Contract Celebrates 50 Years in Design

Contract magazine presents a look at the evolution of design over the last half decade in celebration of its 50th anniversary.

Changing Journalism: Designers Take Information into Their Own Hands

Designers may be split on their journalistic preferences but are in agreement that online mediums must now play a daily role in their search for real-time information and news.

Practice: Design Patents Give a Competitive Edge

Why aren't A&E firms using patents to protect their work?

The 31st Annual Interiors Awards

In our 50th year of publication, Contract proudly presents the winners of the 31st Annual Interiors Awards Competition.

Design Practice: The Third Dimension of Brand

Increasingly more corporate clients are seeking workplaces that are not only pretty and functional but are true branded environments

Practice: Complexity in Design Simplicity

The commercial real estate (CRE) services industry recently has transformed itself, adapting to the competitive needs of corporate clients that are globalizing and consolidating while implementing dramatic cost containment measures.

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Environmental design has become one of the top concerns where environmentally responsible projects are becoming popular practice. With sustainable design you can create provocative interiors while staying true to green design practices. Stay informed on the future of environmental design and other practices in each issue of Contract Magazine.

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