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Making the Most of a Design Education

Editor in Chief John Czarnecki's editorial from the December 2014 issue.

An Expanded Editorial Advisory Board to Address the Industry's Future

Editor in Chief John Czarnecki's editorial from the November 2014 issue.

The Need for a Responsible Press and Interior Design Profession

Editor in Chief John Czarnecki's editorial from the October 2014 issue.

Being in the Moment, Armed with Data

Editor in Chief John Czarnecki's editorial from the September issue.

Profiles in Courage at the AIA Convention

Editor in Chief John Czarnecki's editorial from the July/August issue.

A New Economy with a Sense of Purpose

Editor in Chief John Czarnecki's editorial from the June 2014 issue.

Celebrating Anniversaries and Looking Forward

Editor in Chief John Czarnecki's editorial from the May 2014 issue.

Smells Like Teen Spirit, or Unpaid Internships

Editor in Chief John Czarnecki's editorial from March 2014 issue.

Honoring Women in Architecture and Design

Editor in Chief John Czarnecki's editorial from the January/February 2014 issue.

Considering Life Cycle, with Rigor

Editor in Chief John Czarnecki discusses sustainability and material transparency his December editorial.

Designing for Brand and Beauty

Editor in Chief John Czarnecki discusses brand and beauty in his November editorial.

Are Beautiful Hospital Interiors a Primary Reason for Rising Healthcare Costs?

October 2013 editorial from Contract's Editor in Chief John Czarnecki.

Being Present to See the Future

July/August editorial from Contract's Editor in Chief John Czarnecki.

Michael Graves on the Lost Art of Drawing

An excerpt of the 2013 Legend Michael Graves, FAIA, op-ed in The New York Times, from September 1, 2012, titled “Architecture and the Lost Art of Drawing” 

Far Fewer Mills Impact Textile Design and Production

The supply chain in the American textile industry severely contracts as demand for product grows

A New Calvin Klein Underwear (Retail) Model

Janson Goldstein designs an edgy new retail concept for one of fashion’s most recognized brands

Chair History: How Did the Design of Office Chairs Evolve from the 19th Century to Today?

Furniture- and industrial-design aficionados will find out in "A Taxonomy of Office Chairs" (Phaidon, 2011), a new book authored by Jonathan Olivares

The Resilient Workplace

Two sustainability experts with the GSA’s Office of Federal High-Performance Green Buildings outline key aspects of the resilient workplace, which can be applied to any office

Process: Designing the Multigenerational Workplace

Keys to creating a work environment that appeals to Millennials without alienating Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers

Cultural Connection: Designing with Art in Public Spaces

Art in public buildings must reflect both the vision of the artist and the mission of the architecture

Enhancing Student Success Through Principled Space Planning and Interior Design

How should planners and designers determine size, configuration, shape and capacity of educational spaces to support student success?

Interior Design Trends for Worship Spaces: From Your Mouth to God’s Ears

Traditional and non-traditional places of worship are designed to engage and inspire

Designing for Health: Perkins+Will Research Journal—Integration of Design and Research within a Global Practice

"Designing for Health" is a monthly, Web-exclusive series from healthcare interior design leaders at Perkins+Will that focuses on the issues, trends, challenges, and research involved in crafting today's healing environment

Transportation Focus: The Top Five Challenges in Airport Design

How can designers do their part to ease the stress of flying?

Fresh & Best: Award-Winning Interior Design Products

A collection of the industry's best designs from the past year

Process: On the Front Line

Involving nurses in healthcare design can help designers build better projects

Design Case Study: How Lean Design Can Improve Healthcare Outcomes

Combining lean design with two emerging healthcare delivery models are changing the way healthcare is provided to its patients.

Process: Laser Dissection

Contemporary technology gives preservation a boost

Interior Design Trends: Renew, Reinvent, Revitalize

There are a significant number of buildings in the repositioning market today, and an ever-increasing interest from developers to create highly marketable and financially viable building assets.

Process: Revving Up with Revit

Utilizing BIM for a high-profile commercial interiors project reaped big dividends for Microsoft and SmithGroup

The 21st-Century Library

As the pace of change in modern life accelerates, library design is changing too.

Designing for Millennial Employees: What Does the Next Generation Really Want?

A Q&A with Dr. Marie Puybaraud, director of global workplace innovation for Johnson Controls, about the generational challenges facing designers of corporate workspaces today.

Characteristics of the Future Office

What office design characteristics are needed for today’s challenging corporate environment?

Attracting Library Traffic Through Design

Some of today’s mixed-use projects are using public libraries as anchors—with good results.

Office Design Trends: Honey, I Shrunk the Workstation!

The need to optimize office real estate, paired with today’s on-the-go work style, means traditional office workstation designs are on their way out.

Partners in Change: Law Firm Design Trends

Efficiency trumps entitlement in law office design, as law firms face the realities of the new economy.

Design Process: Advanced Technology Integration

The convergence of advanced technologies that is currently shaping our society demands a more holistic, collaborative approach synthesizing infrastructure and design to realize complete integration.

Interior Design vs. Urban Design

Perkins+Will interior design director and principal Joan Blumenfeld, FAIA, LEED AP ID+C, debates the similarities of interior and urban design.

Post-Occupancy Green: Blending Sustainable Design and Operation

For more meaningful progress on green building, sustainable design and sustainable operation must become more intertwined

Wood Design Focus: Kindling Comfort

From ceiling to floor, clients today are asking designers to find innovative ways to incorporate this natural element without breaking the bank.

Essay from the Past: Women Need Feminine Desks (1970)

Female Designers Comment (1970): While they acknowledge that desks designed exclusively for females are economically unsound, four top female designers think that desk designs should take into account distinctive feminine needs.

Essay from the Past: Space Planning Symposium (1963)

From 1963: Although the image of the space planner has begun to come into focus, there are still a good many blurry physiognomic details.

Video: Contract Celebrates 50 Years in Design

Contract magazine presents a look at the evolution of design over the last half decade in celebration of its 50th anniversary.

Case Study: Autodesk Waltham Project by KlingStubbins

Autodesk, Inc. exemplifies using IPD strategy to complete two redesign projects.

Process: Less Is More

HLW presents its 2009 "Rules of Thumb for Interior Construction"

Dream Team: SmithGroup on the National Museum of African American History and Culture

Philip Freelon, David Adjaye, Max Bond, and Hal Davis of SmithGroup found collaboration key to landing one of the most coveted commissions of the decade—the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture

Auralization 101: Show Me What I’m Hearing

Acoustics are a critical aspect of building design. But how candesigners make the connection between their drawings of a future spaceand the aural experience of its future users?

Process: Celebrating the Connection between Urban and Rural

New Ruralism meets New Urbanism in an effort to create truly sustainable communities and an architecture based on the land

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