Interiors Awards 2014: Education

Interiors Awards 2014: Education
Jan 22, 2014  Interiors Awards 2014: Education

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Interiors Awards 2014: Education_01 IA14_Edu_1.jpg Natural light fills a cafe and gallery on the ground floor of the addition. The rhythm of the stainless steel fins that comprise the facade complements Rudolph’s original concrete structure. 
Interiors Awards 2014: Education_02 IA14_Edu_2.jpg A browsing area, located on the first floor, encourages unscripted interactions between students. 
Interiors Awards 2014: Education_03 IA14_Edu_3.jpg A fifth floor group study space reflects Rudolph’s original color concept for the interior. 
Interiors Awards 2014: Education_04 IA14_Edu_4.jpg The Brutalist concrete structure has been revived as a campus destination.