Interiors Awards 2014: Exhibition

Interiors Awards 2014: Exhibition
Jan 24, 2014  Interiors Awards 2014: Exhibition

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Interiors Awards 2014: Exhibition_01 IA_Exhib_1.jpg Installed in the Museum of Tolerence in Los Angeles, the exhibition “Anne” focuses on the life of Anne Frank. Designed by Yazdani Studio of Cannon Design, it features an undulating “infinity wall” that is lined on both sides with 15,000 tightly folded shirts. The wall design was inspired by images of stacked uniforms taken from victims of the gas chambers.

Interiors Awards 2014: Exhibition_02 IA_Exhib_2.jpg Hallways lined with quotations and mirrors prepare visitors before they enter the main exhibit spaces.
Interiors Awards 2014: Exhibition_03 IA_Exhib_3.jpg A compressed exhibit space, located on the opposite side of the “infinity wall,”  suggests the cramped
quarters of the Frank family in Amsterdam.