Interiors Awards 2014: Retail

Interiors Awards 2014: Retail
Jan 24, 2014  Interiors Awards 2014: Retail

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Interiors Awards 2014: Retail_01 IA14_Retail_2.jpg LED lights are inserted within channels in the shelves to highlight items that are for sale in the retail portion.
Interiors Awards 2014: Retail_02 IA14_Retail_3.jpg A new entrance leads to the space from an  existing courtyard.
Interiors Awards 2014: Retail_03 IA14_Retail_1.jpg The designers nicknamed the project “Rolling Stones” for the three large and two small round-form installations they inserted within the armory. These installations contain shelving to accommodate retail display and storage.
Interiors Awards 2014: Retail_04 IA14_Retail_4.jpg Eight laser light projectors create moving images on the ceiling, some simulating running water.