Interiors Awards 2014: Sports

Interiors Awards 2014: Sports
Jan 24, 2014  Interiors Awards 2014: Sports

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Interiors Awards 2014: Sports_01 IA14_Sports_1.jpg In Ghelamco Arena in Ghent, Belgium, the K.A.A. Gent soccer team’s signature color is incorporated in the form of blue ambient lighting. A more literal reference to the activities within is a large soccer ball light sculpture suspended in the double-height main lobby. 
Interiors Awards 2014: Sports_02 IA14_Sports_2.jpg Acoustic ceiling tiles bring a sense of scale to the stadium’s vast spaces.
Interiors Awards 2014: Sports_03 IA14_Sports3.jpg Varying column sizes are made uniform with the additions of Gyproc GypArt shells.