Interiors Awards 2014: Sustainable

Interiors Awards 2014: Sustainable
Jan 24, 2014  Interiors Awards 2014: Sustainable

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Interiors Awards 2014: Sustainable_01 IA14_Sust_1.jpg Design elements reflecting the principles of biophilic design abound in the light-filled central atrium of the Federal Center South Building 1202 by ZGF Architects. In the atrium are trees and other plants, rocks and boulders, and water features. Sky bridges and open stairs connect upper levels, which contain open office space. 

Interiors Awards 2014: Sustainable_02 IA14_Sust_2.jpg The framework of the atrium was fabricated from heavy timber and steel trusses salvaged from a warehouse that previously occupied the site. 
Interiors Awards 2014: Sustainable_03 IA14_Sust_3.jpg Super graphics on a three-story window wall provide data on nearby waterways.
Interiors Awards 2014: Sustainable_04 IA14_Sust_4.jpg Light-reflecting stainless steel shingles clad the building’s exterior.