Krista Ninivaggi

Krista Ninivaggi
Jan 23, 2014 Interior Awards 2014

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Krista Ninivaggi_01 Krista Ninivaggi The director of interiors at SHoP Architects in New York is establishing the firm as a design-savvy competitor in the interior design profession. After experience with Rockwell Group and AvroKO, Krista Ninivaggi has developed a team of 20 interior designers at SHoP in only three years, and plans to increase it to about 30 this year. Krista is leading the interior design of offices, schools, restaurants, hotels, and
entertainment venues following the success of Barclays Center. 
Krista Ninivaggi_02 Krista Ninivaggi The Barclays Center in Brooklyn houses 11 individual premium suites.
Krista Ninivaggi_03 Krista Ninivaggi The suites at Barclays Center in Brooklyn surround a champagne bar. The custom, digitally fabricated pendant light in each suite was designed by Ninivaggi and colleague Wontae Yang. 
Krista Ninivaggi_04 Krista Ninivaggi At Barclays Center, a VIP entrance for all the premium areas—including all suites, the Calvin Klein Courtside Club, and the 40/40 Club—features a wall of milled Corian that has the same pattern as the weathered steel exterior.  
Krista Ninivaggi_05 Krista Ninivaggi The 40/40 Club, an event space within Barclays Center, features a custom-made amber resin bar top. 
Krista Ninivaggi_06 Krista Ninivaggi On the concourses, Ninivaggi designed custom carts clad in teak wood, which is unusual for a high-traffic arena. 
Krista Ninivaggi_07 Krista Ninivaggi Hand-blown crystal bottles of Armand de Brignac, the preferred champagne of Jay-Z, line the wall behind the champagne bar in the Vault suites at Barclays Center. Armand de Brignac is a sponsor of the Vault, and Jay-Z, a former part-owner of the Brooklyn Nets and the arena itself, was one of the clients for the space. 
Krista Ninivaggi_08 Krista Ninivaggi In the New York office of the online retailer Shopbop, which Ninivaggi designed with SHoP, a VIP lounge room for viewing clothes is enclosed by sliding glass doors. The aesthetic is a juxtaposition of rough and smooth, urban and country, and was inspired by the fashions available from Shopbop. 
Krista Ninivaggi_09 Krista Ninivaggi Ninivaggi designed the office for Shopbop with SHoP to have a clean, graphic aesthetic with punches of color.  
Krista Ninivaggi_10 Krista Ninivaggi A room to display and mix-and-match clothes includes ladders to easily hang outfits. 
Krista Ninivaggi_11 Krista Ninivaggi With SHoP, Ninivaggi was part of a team that designed the eClassroom Prototype for Teachers College
at Columbia University—an innovative, technologically advanced classroom. 
Krista Ninivaggi_12 Krista Ninivaggi Students can wirelessly share presentations from their devices to any of the four wall-mounted displays or onto
large projection screens, and that is supplemented with more than 1,000 square feet of writeable surfaces. 
Krista Ninivaggi_13 Krista Ninivaggi With SHoP, Ninivaggi has designed interiors for the Botswana Innovation Hub, which includes a HIV research lab, as well as a data center and engineering floors.
Krista Ninivaggi_14 Krista Ninivaggi The local context and customs were key to understand for the design of this building, now under construction. 
Krista Ninivaggi_15 Krista Ninivaggi
Krista Ninivaggi_16 Krista Ninivaggi While with Rockwell Group, Ninivaggi was part of the team that created the interior of Nobu Fifty Seven in New York, and she designed the back-lit onyx host stand. 
Krista Ninivaggi_17 Krista Ninivaggi
Krista Ninivaggi_18 Krista Ninivaggi While at AvroKO, Ninivaggi was one of the designers for the restaurant Lily & Bloom in Hong Kong. AvroKO custom-designed many details in the restaurant, and most of the furnishings and finishes were fabricated
in mainland China.
Krista Ninivaggi_19 Krista Ninivaggi AvroKO custom-designed many details in the restaurant, and most of the furnishings and finishes were fabricated in mainland China. Ninivaggi was part of the team at AvroKO that designed Park Avenue Café.