Designers Select: Lighting

Designers Select: Lighting
Feb 01, 2014  Designers Select: Lighting

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Designers Select: Lighting_01 Frances Bruns
Managing Director
IA Interior Architects
Designers Select: Lighting_02 Marset: Scotch Club

“This fixture is inspired by a disco ball—what more can I say! Seventy-two internal faces reflect light
in multiple directions, making it look like a sculpture. A group of these fixtures in multiple sizes and colors would be lovely.” 
Designers Select: Lighting_03 Zaneen: Glorious 950 Recessed

“This fixture is gorgeous, clean, and playful. The trim pieces come in a rainbow of colors for easy customization, and allow the fixture to truly stand out as a design element.” 
Designers Select: Lighting_04 Vibia: Plus

“For situations in which the location of a space does not allow you to punch a hole in the ceiling to bring in enough daylight, this ingenious fixture mimics a skylight. It also has a dimming option to allow the user to adjust to fit the desired atmosphere.” 
Designers Select: Lighting_05 John Issa
Perimeter Architects
Designers Select: Lighting_06 Artemide: Empatia

“The Empatia elevates the art of glass blowing with the high performance of LEDs. As architects, we agonize to shape buildings as effortlessly as this.” 
Designers Select: Lighting_07 FLOS: String Lights

“A fantastic architectural statement through the simplicity of a line. An instant maker of space, this fixture goes beyond light. Its power is in its ability to be both generic and specific simultaneously.” 
Designers Select: Lighting_08 SCP: Axial

“The Axial pendant is a cube transformed into a polished steel fixture with a gold finish. The  attention to detail minimizes distractions to the simple form. The box never looked so good.” 
Designers Select: Lighting_09 Carrie Renegar, IIDA
Senior Designer
M Moser Associates
New York 
Designers Select: Lighting_10 Philips: Lumiblade OLEDs

“OLED technology created the first surface light source, made of thin layers of organic semiconductor material. Designers are using these 1.8-millimeter panels to create interactive walls and mirrors, and flat lamps. I foresee using them across all project typologies.” 
Designers Select: Lighting_11 Niamh Barry: Apoapsis

“Exquisite. The artistry in this bronze and opal glass fixture is like nothing I have seen in the industry. It is delicate yet substantial, creating the perfect ‘sparkle’ for the right client.” 
Designers Select: Lighting_12 Rich Brilliant Willing: Branch Pendant Large

“The perforated metal shell in a gold or champagne finish adds flare in a timeless manner to what would otherwise be an ordinary white fixture used in an open plan environment.”