University of Copenhagan KUA2

University of Copenhagan KUA2
Mar 17, 2014 With the interior focus on a central square, Arkitema Architects creates a more humane environment for around-the-clock studying.

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University of Copenhagan KUA2_01 A system of ramps and stairs wraps through a central atrium—formerly an outdoor courtyard—that now serves
as a new campus square. These white sculptural elements contrast the regularity of the grid established by the building’s concrete structure. 
University of Copenhagan KUA2_02 Built-in benches made from end-grain oak and a “carpet” of oak flooring define a cozy gathering area bisected by a reflecting pool within the campus square. 
University of Copenhagan KUA2_03 Light fixtures that mimic tree canopies make the campus square feel like the outdoors. 
University of Copenhagan KUA2_04 Punched openings visually connect departments to the main campus square.
University of Copenhagan KUA2_05  The concrete structure—portions reused from the existing building, but mostly new—is revealed throughout.
University of Copenhagan KUA2_06 Departments are color-coded for wayfinding.
University of Copenhagan KUA2_07 Arkitema used travertine cladding on the exterior in a way that looks modern.