Mandarin Oriental Guangzhou

Mandarin Oriental Guangzhou
Apr 10, 2014

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Mandarin Oriental Guangzhou_01 Ebony restaurant serves both Chinese and Western cuisine and features a formal yet relaxed atmosphere. Paintings by Uruguayan artist Carlos Capelán enliven the walls. 
Mandarin Oriental Guangzhou_02 The lobby calls to mind a colonial-era manor, with its oak floors and succession of columns clad in white-washed oak, giving an airy, expansive feel.
Mandarin Oriental Guangzhou_03 Paintings and sculptures by local 
artists represent the notion 
of looking into the past to 
give life toward the future.
Mandarin Oriental Guangzhou_04 The entrance to the hotel leads to the lobby which calls to mind a colonial-era manor.
Mandarin Oriental Guangzhou_05 The Ebony restaurant features black oak accents, floor-to-ceiling wine storage racks, and a moss sculpture.
Mandarin Oriental Guangzhou_06 The hotel bar is a speakeasy-style venue located on the mezzanine level. 
Mandarin Oriental Guangzhou_07 As the signature retail shop of the Mandarin Oriental brand, the Mandarin Cake Shop complements the adjacent lobby with a soft 
and warm palette of China 
yellow lacquer.

Mandarin Oriental Guangzhou_08 The Mandarin Suite was designed as a 3,230-square-foot residence equipped for entertaining. 
Mandarin Oriental Guangzhou_09 The Mandarin Suite includes a dining room, breakfast room, a large kitchen, and a separate bedroom. 
Mandarin Oriental Guangzhou_10 In plan, typical guestrooms are based on a nine-square grid inspired by Chinese courtyard architecture.