Fogo Island Inn

Fogo Island Inn
Apr 10, 2014

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Fogo Island Inn_01 The protruding ends of the inn are supported by slender wood columns, preserving the coastal landscape beneath. The building is clad in locally sourced and milled black spruce panels painted white. 
Fogo Island Inn_02 The dining room features chairs and tables by Glass Hill and chandeliers by Tjep. 
Fogo Island Inn_03 Floor-to-ceiling windows in the dining room and in each guestroom offer generous views of the North Atlantic and plenty of daylight. Beds within guestrooms are oriented near the windows to best capture views.
Fogo Island Inn_04 Many rooms include freestanding bathtubs and Puppy Tables by Nick Herder. 
Fogo Island Inn_05 Steel stilts hold up an end of the building that juts out over a rocky promontory. The form references fishing stages that are common in the area. 
Fogo Island Inn_06 The main stair and other public areas have yellow birch flooring, which stands up to high traffic. 
Fogo Island Inn_07 On the roof deck, wood-fired hot tubs and aspen-wood saunas afford sweeping ocean views.