TAO Downtown

TAO Downtown
Apr 11, 2014

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TAO Downtown_01 Rockwell Group custom-designed many elements for the project, including pendant fixtures with shades enclosed by wire cages that provide a sense of scale within the double-height main dining room. 
TAO Downtown_02 A series of portals made from wood slats frame the entry sequence.
TAO Downtown_03 A 20-foot-tall Quan Yin statue with 24 arms presides over the space, and comes to life via 3D mapping technology.
TAO Downtown_04  The grand stair is a prime spot for people watching.
TAO Downtown_05 Carved stone columns installed within the INK Bar and the main dining space came from Bali. 
TAO Downtown_06 The reclining Buddha overlooks the grand stair, which is one of the most popular places to sit within the restaurant.
TAO Downtown_07 The INK Bar is located on the mezzanine level adjacent to the restaurant lounge. Street artist HUSH painted murals of geisha-style women directly onto the brick walls.