Ace Hotel

Ace Hotel
Apr 11, 2014

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Ace Hotel_01 A wood paneled reception desk occupies the narrow elevator lobby, and introduces the idiosyncratic mix of raw and refined surfaces and details that characterizes the hotel.
Ace Hotel_02 A screen-mounted collage of 1920s flappers and 1970s and 1980s punk artists frames one of two second-floor meeting rooms.
Ace Hotel_03 The room beneath the spiky crown of the tower was stripped and turned into a bar that serves the terraces to either side.
Ace Hotel_04 In the compact guestrooms, exposed concrete is softened by Homasote wall panels and stained MDF
Ace Hotel_05 Task lighting was created by Commune and Atelier de Troupe in the spirit of 1950s French modernism.
Ace Hotel_06 The first two levels of the street frontage have been opened up as a lofty restaurant and mezzanine lounge, with black and white decor that recalls vintage Viennese cafes.
Ace Hotel_07 The 1,600-seat auditorium, which began life as a movie palace and was later used for evangelical services, has been restored to its Spanish Gothic splendor and is used as an event space.
Ace Hotel_08 A shallow pool allows guests to cool off while gazing out at a panoramic view of Downtown Los Angeles.
Ace Hotel_09 Built in 1927, the building originally housed the United Artists film studio. Evangelical preacher Gene Scott later owned the building and installed a “Jesus Saves” neon sign, which still remains.