Designers Select: Hospitality

Designers Select: Hospitality
Apr 22, 2014 Designers name their favorite picks for hospitality interiors.


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Designers Select: Hospitality_01 Designers Select Lisa Chervinsky

Vice President

VOA Associates

Designers Select: Hospitality_02 Designers Select Lacava: Catino
“Lacava offers an extensive collection of abovecounter porcelain lavatories in various sizes and styles. Catino is soft and sophisticated.”
Designers Select: Hospitality_03 Designers Select Designtex: Rococo Collection
“Designtex’s new Rococo Collection offers both large-scale statement patterns and classic stripes and textures in a wonderfully rich color palette. With all patterns priced at $32.50 per yard, it is a great ‘go-to’ resource for suites and public areas.” 
Designers Select: Hospitality_04 Designers Select LightArt: French Curve
“French Curve is sculptural and elegant. With a 24-inch diameter, it commands a presence, whether installed individually or in clusters. The ‘Ready to Go’ version has a three-week lead time and is reasonably priced, making it a good choice for hospitality environments.” 
Designers Select: Hospitality_05 Designers Select Jeffrey Rausch, IIDA


Bar Napkin Productions

Designers Select: Hospitality_06 Designers Select The Phillips Collection: Bicycle Wheel Panel
“Phillips Collection keeps coming out with new, innovative, and green sculptural solutions, such as these panels made from recycled bicycle wheels reclaimed in Indonesia.” 
Designers Select: Hospitality_07 Designers Select Fire Farm: Astropuff
“It’s great to see that manufacturers such as Fire Farm are coming up with fun and interesting LED fixtures such as Astropuff. They are embracing the LED and not trying to constrict it into past lighting solutions and forms.” 
Designers Select: Hospitality_08 Designers Select Interface Hospitality: Over the Edge
“I love the big, bold patterns and exuberant colors in the Over the Edge collection. I could picture them used to make a strange statement in corridors and large open spaces within hospitality projects.” 
Designers Select: Hospitality_09 Designers Select Elisabeth Rogoff

Senior Design Associate


New York 
Designers Select: Hospitality_10 Designers Select Billy Cotton: Elements Table
“This table is truly one of a kind. It is produced by New York designer Billy Cotton and represents an ideal I share with him: design is a dichotomy. I see this table fitting in the home of a West Village entrepreneur who lives in a classic 19th-century townhouse but collects contemporary art!” 
Designers Select: Hospitality_11 Designers Select Combray Textile & Design: Stool
"Two sisters who were born and educated in France are now living in Brooklyn and producing handmade embroidered textiles with historical value and craftsmanship. We are looking into ways of adapting the upholstered Combray Stool so we can use it in a music room lounge in a hotel and club in New York that Champalimaud is designing. We always seek out designers who are willing to customize their craft to fit commercial environments.” 
Designers Select: Hospitality_12 Designers Select Holland & Sherry: Ramis Wallcovering
“The new line of hand-painted textural wallcoverings by Holland & Sherry adds excitement to any environment. Champalimaud is designing a hotel in Cape Town that calls for this exact mix of contemporary edge produced via artistic means. Perhaps it could be a perfect backdrop for the locally crafted Ardmore pottery in the lobby lounge.”