Brentano NeoCon 2010 FashioNext Exhibit

Brentano NeoCon 2010 FashioNext Exhibit
Jun 09, 2010 The display aims to showcase the inherent relationship between fabric, fashion, and furniture.


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Brentano NeoCon 2010 FashioNext Exhibit_01 Pair One: DeVillo and Allemuir
Inspired by a Givenchy wedding dress and cape (1967), Caroline DeVillo’s concept features Brentano’s Eco Satin in Birchwood and adds a dramatic twist to the original design’s simple elegance. Sharing the same sleek lines, Allemuir’s Open chair with a wire base mimics the dress’ back and collar detail. Loop 2 Loop, a soft textured fabric, and Bubbly, which features a small scale pattern, were used in light blue shades to compliment the neutral colors used in DeVillo’s dress.
Brentano NeoCon 2010 FashioNext Exhibit_02 DeVillo Dress and Allemuir Chair
Brentano NeoCon 2010 FashioNext Exhibit_03 Pair Two: Hwang/Park and LeLand
Carla Hwang and Kenneth Park, VWIDON, re-envisioned a 1958 Scassi Wedding Dress by pumping up the original design’s whimsical volume and light fabric. Using three shades of Brentano’s Spring Mountain, a sheer drapery, their concept features flirty ruffles and an above-the-knee style. Similarly, Valeri by LeLand pairs voluptuous curves with clean lines for a fresh statement. To lend a touch of class, Brentano upholstered the chair in Galaxy, an eco-friendly faux leather with a soft metallic sheen.
Brentano NeoCon 2010 FashioNext Exhibit_04 Hwang/Park Dress and LeLand Chair
Brentano NeoCon 2010 FashioNext Exhibit_05 Pair Three: Schnabl and Andreu World America
A Scassi dress (1958) also inspired Katrin Schnabl, Lineamente, to create a three-piece, convertible dress using a variety of red and gold Brentano fabric. The playful dress features an optional jacket and an adjustable pleated panel. To compliment the dress, Andreu World America chose to present its Zarina collection with Brentano’s Bijou in a begonia-colored hue on the seat with Garcon on the exterior back. The feminine lounge chair is also available as a side chair, bar stool, and arm chair.
Brentano NeoCon 2010 FashioNext Exhibit_06 Schnabl Dress and Andreu World America Chair