Marine Mammal Center by Noll & Tam Archtiects
Marine Mammal Center by Noll & Tam Archtiects
Aug 27, 2010 A pair of former NIKE missile silos take center stage as home to the rescued residents at a 24-hour rescue and rehabilitation facility in Sausalito, Calif.

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Marine Mammal Center by Noll _01 A two-story Educational Center was designed to house a public lobby, main classroom, and retail space for the Marine Mammal Center. (Photos © Wakely)
Marine Mammal Center by Noll _02 Steel and steel wall framing with a high recycled content formed the basis for the structures; while acoustic panels composed of seaweed and 100-percent recycled materials serve to reduce noise within the buildings.
Marine Mammal Center by Noll _03 All materials, which boast an industrial aesthetic with fly ash concrete and cement, feature a low-maintenance and sustainable quality.
Marine Mammal Center by Noll _04 Outside, native landscape plants require no additional water or maintenance. Natural drainage swales allow the surface water to percolate into the soil, which regenerates the subsurface aquifer and helps to reduce erosion of the adjacent protected lands.
Marine Mammal Center by Noll _05 Exterior shaded walkways, operable windows and skylights, and radiant heat flooring systems help to maintain temperature and ventilation, as well as control energy use.
Marine Mammal Center by Noll _06 All buildings and pools were built on top of existing foundations. NTA ultimately chose to incorporate the pair of decommissioned Nike missile silos into the design.
Marine Mammal Center by Noll _07 “Since people constantly move between working in the messy outdoor and interior spaces, the interior had to be just as durable and cleanable as the outdoor spaces,” says Scott Dennis, project designer and architect, Noll & Tam Architects, Berkeley. “The material selection was also influenced by the history and original architectural character of the Nike missile site, which was also highly functional, strong, and indestructible.”