Academy of Music in Philadelphia
Tom Crane
Academy of Music in Philadelphia
Sep 09, 2010 KlingStubbins restores the ballroom of the Academy of Music in Philadelphia

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Over 100 different shades of paint were used in the intricate trompe-l’oeil.

Academy of Music in Philadelphia_02 Careful analysis revealed the paint colors and patterns used throughout the room. While an original 1860 photograph also revealed the pattern colors looked darker than they really were.
Academy of Music in Philadelphia_03 Four of the five original stained-glass windows in the transoms were miraculously preserved.
Academy of Music in Philadelphia_04

The Pennsylvania Historical Commission gave permission for a new carpet for the space. The original floorcovering was replaced with a custom manufactured carpet by British carpet maker Brintons.

Academy of Music in Philadelphia_05 The original 1860s photograph was scanned and enhanced so the designers could analyze every detail in the intricate trompe-l’oeil.
Academy of Music in Philadelphia_06 The bronze chandelier features musical monkeys, a common theme at the time.
Academy of Music in Philadelphia_07 Restored to its original grandeur, the Academy of Music’s Ballroom is both opulent and intimate.
Academy of Music in Philadelphia_08 The replacement doors and windows were faithfully constructed to the historic profiles, materials and hardware, and now contain meticulously concealed weatherproofing seals.