Amangiri Resort
courtesy of Amanresorts
Amangiri Resort
Oct 13, 2010 The latest Aman resort integrates minimal forms with a spectacular rockscape.

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Gallery Manager 3330_01 This Amangiri suite differs from the conventional room suites in that it has more outdoor terraces, as well as private swimming pool and skybed.
Gallery Manager 3330_02 The step pool at Spa Water Pavilion appears to be nestled into the surrounding canyons.
Gallery Manager 3330_03  The melding of interior and exterior spaces allows the resort to be at one with the landscape.
Gallery Manager 3330_04 From inside the Amangiri suite, guests enjoy spectacular views out past the terrace to the desert.
Gallery Manager 3330_05 Luxe amenities and amazing vistas make this typical guestroom anything but ordinary.
Gallery Manager 3330_06 A raised stone island in the center of each suite incorporates a bed, a desk, and a sofa. Bathing and dressing areas appear to be carved out of green stone and are softened by filtered light that contrasts with the luminous expanses beyond.