2010 Nightingale Awards Winners, Healthcare Design Products

2010 Nightingale Awards Winners, Healthcare Design Products
Nov 14, 2010 Nurture by Steelcase, Spec Furniture, and Skyline Design among the winning manufacturers announced at Healthcare Design.10 conference presentation.

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2010 Nightingale Awards Winners, Healthcare Design Products_01 2010 Nightingale Awards Winner: Essentials Collection by Carnegie, Booth 465
The linen-like textures, simple pattern motifs, and sophisticated color palette of the Essentials Collection offer an inviting, user-friendly design option that is suitable for hospitality and healthcare environments. The fabrics are made from flame-retardant Trevira and polyester and feature a modern, laidback design that evokes a feeling of comfort and ease to complement any interior style or theme.
2010 Nightingale Awards Winners, Healthcare Design Products_02 2010 Nightingale Awards Winner: Dignity Collection by Spec Furniture, Booth 516
Reflecting that the medical industry is a dignified profession, the new Dignity Collection from Spec furniture can stand up to the test. With the mental health market in mind, the heavy-duty line of healthcare seating and occasional tables features a heart-warming, residential style in a variety of fabric and laminate options. Made with a 25 percent recycled steel inner frame, FSC-certified wood, and environmentally friendly fabrics, Dignity meets BIFMA standards.
2010 Nightingale Awards Winners, Healthcare Design Products_03 2010 Nightingale Awards Winner: Mondo IDEA by Mondo, Booth 256
It’s a world of color, according to Mondo. The manufacturer’s latest release, Mondo IDEA, offers healthcare environments an innovative flooring application in a variety of themed palettes that are ideal for children, adults, and seniors. Mondo IDEA’s durometer construction provides foot comfort, slip-resistance, and noise reduction qualities via a highly durable, non-porous surface. The product is low-maintenance and bacteriostatic, and it comes in three style varieties: One (solids), Grain (speckled), and Décor (six stylized designs).
2010 Nightingale Awards Winners, Healthcare Design Products_04 2010 Nightingale Awards Winner: Suzanne Tick Marker Glass by Skyline Design, Booth 547
Suzanne Tick Marker Glass, designed by Suzanne Tick for Skyline Design, uses interchangeable borders and grids on glass, with a magnetic feature, to organize information. Healthcare, business, and educational institutions can use the glass as a wall system or directly on the wall. Made of low-iron PPG Starphire glass for quality and color control, the product is coated with low-VOC, water-based Vitracolor paint.
2010 Nightingale Awards Winners, Healthcare Design Products_05
2010 Nightingale Awards Winner: Pocket™ by Nurture by Steelcase, Booth 302
Nurture’s new line of mobile workstations, Pocket™, aims to keep up with the continuously on-the-go work style of healthcare professionals. Built around three design principles that focus on minimalism, advancing technology, and the individuality of users, Pocket™ presents a viable solution for a variety of applications. Key features of the powder-coated, engineered plastic product include the elimination of noise during movement, movable magnetic accessories, adjustable configurations, and a durable construction. Tests to BIFMA standards and features a lifetime warranty. www.nurture.com
2010 Nightingale Awards Winners, Healthcare Design Products_06 2010 Nightingale Awards Honorable Mention: Illuminated Safety Handle by ITC, Inc., Booth 125
It’s the functionality of a safety handle combined with the usefulness of a nightlight. The Illuminated Safety Handle from ITC aims to reduce the occurrence of falls, which can increase patient stays (up to three percent) and resource utilization (up to 32 percent). Serving in the same manner as glow strips, the handle illuminates pathways via LED technology to patient restrooms via dim light, serving as a visual cue. Rails support up to 400 lbs. of weight and have up to 50,000 hours of life.