Top Interior Design Product Picks of 2010

Top Interior Design Product Picks of 2010
Jan 03, 2011 What better way to move on to 2011 than to reflect on the great design innovations from 2010? Six A&D professionals share their top interior design product launches from this past year.


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Top Interior Design Product Picks of 2010_01

Top 2010 product picks by Jean Hansen, FIIDA, LEED BD+C, AAHID, EDAC, CID, sustainable interiors manager, HDR Architecture, San Francisco office:

Top Interior Design Product Picks of 2010_02

1. SAYL Chair by Herman Miller

This extremely comfortable chair is described by HMI as “inventive, eco-dematerialized, and affordable.” It is a very handsome chair (think suspension bridge), with less material, that allows for more flexibility and movement of our bodies, which often sit too long in front of computers. I particularly love the focus that allows the forward rotation for your pelvis/hip area. (Designer: Yves Behar)

Top Interior Design Product Picks of 2010_03

2. 18 x 36 by Shaw

Shaw’s 18 x 36 brings a whole new geometry to carpet tile. The rectangular proportions bring a range of flexibility we have not seen before, allowing the designer to weave, stagger, and lay tiles end to end (the options are too numerous to define here). The scale and movement of light across the tiles bring an interesting visual and, with Shaw’s stringent environmental certifications, designers have a truly green, well-designed new tile to choose from. (Designer: Reese Duncan, Marcy Ewing, Ashley Olson)

Top Interior Design Product Picks of 2010_04

3. Ecolibrium by Johnsonite

This product has a well-rounded approach to sustainability. The raw materials—walnut and oyster shells, pine rosin, and vegetable oil—not only provide renewable resource content but also reduce the overall weight by 25 percent. This enables more product to be shipped and it is easier for the contractors to handle. It is also healthier for us, with no added halogenated flame retardants or plasticizers.

Top Interior Design Product Picks of 2010_05

4. Vermont Natural Coatings by Vermont Natural Coatings

Vermont Natural Coatings puts out some great new wood finishing products that use whey protein as a key ingredient, which is a great green alternative to oil-based finishes. The inspiration for using whey came from Vermont's long heritage in dairy farming and cheese-making.

Top Interior Design Product Picks of 2010_06

Top 2010 product picks by Steven McCollom, AIA, IIDA, senior associate, Sasaki, San Francisco office:

Top Interior Design Product Picks of 2010_07

1. Crossing the Line Collection by HBF Textiles

Whether it’s one of her bold patterns or the subtle contrasting stitching in Crossing the Line, I love Laura Guido-Clark’s finesse with fabric. She develops fabrics that give designers so many options—in terms of color, pattern intensity, application, and ability to withstand the demands of an institutional or corporate environment—all with a price point within most client budgets. And the Nano-Tex, stain-resistant finish is an added bonus. (Designer: Laura Guido-Clark)

Top Interior Design Product Picks of 2010_08

2. dna Collection by Teknion

Sasaki designs a lot of spaces for students, and dna is a perfect modular seating solution because of its versatility and durability. The integrated tables provide access to power and data while the component simplicity maximizes planning options and minimizes the number of individual pieces required. I also love the 60’s retro minimalist look. (Designer: Acer Design)

Top Interior Design Product Picks of 2010_09

3. Enclose (2010 enhancement) by Haworth

Although Enclose has been around for a while, when I was in the Haworth showroom at NeoCon®, I was impressed by how they had improved upon it by introducing a frameless capability. Now you can create a seamless glass partition that’s as beautiful as it is functional. A smart solution. (Designer: Nathan Shedd, Haworth)

Top Interior Design Product Picks of 2010_10

4. Stride (2010 product breadth expansion) by Allsteel

Already a fan of Stride, I appreciated how Allsteel thoughtfully brought the benching version to market this year. It marries the clean aesthetic and signature elements of the panel product with a benching solution that provides unique multi-functional storage components and maximum flexibility for end-users, with features like height-adjustable worksurfaces. The MBDC Cradle-to-Cradle certification underscores their commitment to looking at product holistically. (Designer: Mitch Bakker, Ida Design)

Top Interior Design Product Picks of 2010_11 Top 2010 product picks by Carolyn Turina, LEED® AP, designer, IA Interior Architects:
Top Interior Design Product Picks of 2010_12

1. Steplight  by Greypants

We love the fact that this pendant fixture is made in our local Seattle area. The designers engineered this fixture so the interlocking rings collapse within themselves, which reduce the packaging requirement to ship it. When installed, the illumination between the natural aluminum, concentric rings cast interesting shadows on surrounding ceilings and walls. (Check out their Scrap Lights too!)

Top Interior Design Product Picks of 2010_13

2. Chroma Quartz by Pental Granite & Marble

This product has great properties for a Commercial countertop application, and surely its beauty is why our clients have called us wanting to know if they can obtain it for their own homes! Chroma is a non-porous composite, consisting of 90 to 93 percent natural quartz, which contributes to its heat-, stain-, and scratch-resistant properties. And since it is non-porous, you know that nothing will be “growing” in it. (Designer: Pental)

Top Interior Design Product Picks of 2010_14

3. Cylindro by Delray Lighting

This chameleon of a pendant fixture has so many options that it truly can transform into a variety of environments. The scale and proportion are well balanced, and the unique design is void of a bottom diffuser yet still allows for illumination above and below the fixture. This fixture is a designers dream, with a variety of lamping configurations, type options, and finish options.

Top Interior Design Product Picks of 2010_15

4. Sound Silencer Acoustic Panels by Acoustical Surfaces Inc.

We specify the 2-ft. by 4-ft. panels as wall mounted tack surfaces. There is no need to frame the panels out, they can be direct glued, and there are no visible pin holes from tacking into it. And they also provide acoustic properties, as well. Hail to multi-use products!

Top Interior Design Product Picks of 2010_16

5. Genius Wall and Unite System by KI

KI embraced our ideas and further developed their existing product line to facilitate the client’s needs. The results from this collaboration yielded a kit-of-parts for optimal flexibility, a manageable inventory, innovative, and sustainable design solutions and client-specific personalization.

Top Interior Design Product Picks of 2010_17 Top 2010 product picks by Brad Burrows, AIA, IIDA, LEED® AP, vice president, director of design, HOK:
Top Interior Design Product Picks of 2010_18

1. Arena by Nucraft

Clean, crisp, and fun! Mark Goetz’s new lounge seating with integrated power and technology hits all the marks for collaborative spaces and provides an intimate gathering space. (Designer: Mark Goetz)

Top Interior Design Product Picks of 2010_19

2. Pocket™ by Nurture® by Steelcase

Zero Noise casters redefine how we think about carts. No longer are they clunky, badly designed pieces that sit in the corner of the room. Rather, they have been redesigned with improved ergonomics and simple functionality to help reduce patient disruptions, address the needs of healthcare professionals and provide a better overall healthcare environment. (Designer: Nurture® Design Team and Modo)

Top Interior Design Product Picks of 2010_20

3. DR by Jofco

Claudio Bellini’s retro/modern executive office incorporates beautiful walnut and handcrafted legs.  The transparent black glass tops are just amazing.(Designer: Claudio Bellini)

Top Interior Design Product Picks of 2010_21

4. Humanair Personal Zone Air Purifier by Humanscale

So many products have a green message but do not allow individual user control.  This piece allows individuals the ability to control their air in their personal space.  

Top Interior Design Product Picks of 2010_22

5. SW_1 by Coalesse

This chair invites collaboration and asks for others to join in. I love the smooth lines of the structure of the chair and the webbed back that allows a translucent and light response. It creates a hybrid conference/lounge seat that addresses the impromptu meeting. (Designer: Scott Wilson and MINIMAL)