Trends: Communal Tables
Patricia Deriquito
Trends: Communal Tables
Jan 14, 2011 In an age of mobility and digital communication, communal seating repeatedly is cropping up in today’s restaurant designs

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Trends: Communal Tables_01 Architectural Design Studio, Inc., designed hanging pot racks over communal seating to emphasize the feeling of sitting in the kitchen at Wolfgang Puck Café in Universal Citywalk, Calif. (Photo by Patricia Deriquito)
Trends: Communal Tables_02 At Gensler-designed Urban Tavern in San Francisco, a communal table serves as the private dining room’s main feature. (Photo © John Benson)
Trends: Communal Tables_03 In the reception area of Gensler’s San Francisco office, a communal table welcomes visitors. (Photo © Eric Laignel)
Trends: Communal Tables_04 Communal seating at The Wright at the Guggenheim in New York, designed by Andre Kikoski, enhances the diners’ experiences and stimulates conversation. (Photo by Peter Aaron/ESTO)