Designers Rate: Ergonomic Seating

Designers Rate: Ergonomic Seating
Jan 24, 2011 Contract asks two designers to name and explain their top three favorite ergonomic seating products

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Designers Rate: Ergonomic Seating_01 Heather Nye
Interior Designer
Designers Rate: Ergonomic Seating_02 Knoll
The first time I sat in this task chair, I knew I had to have it. It’s slim, incredibly comfortable, and features a seat pan with a 4-in. adjustable depth that fits a variety of sizes (even me at 5 ft. 3 in.), which is why I now sit in this chair every day.
Designers Rate: Ergonomic Seating_03 Vitra
AC 4
This chair is the epitome of effortless ergonomic design—simple, chic, and functional.
Designers Rate: Ergonomic Seating_04 Herman Miller
Who said ergonomic seating can't be fun and environmentally friendly? This uniquely shaped frameless back uses less material with just the right amount of back support.
Designers Rate: Ergonomic Seating_05 Christopher Blackadder
Head of Interiors
Woods Bagot
New York
Designers Rate: Ergonomic Seating_06 Wilkhahn
ON chair
It’s the most ergonomic and comfortable task chair on the market, especially comfortable for taller men. ON is very amenable to the active worker, turning, leaning, reclining, and moving with the body.
Designers Rate: Ergonomic Seating_07 Humanscale
Freedom Chair

This chair is good for all shapes and sizes; the padded seat and back are key.
Designers Rate: Ergonomic Seating_08 Hammock
Ergonomic or not, you always feel much better after an hour in a hammock with a book...friend...or your eyes closed listening to the ocean. (Yes, it is winter and cold in New York!) The body is designed to stand or lay down. A hammock is not quite seating, but to stand or recline to work on a computer would be best. (Shown here is Royal Botania’s Wave Hammock.