Highlights from the 2011 Milan Furniture Fair

Highlights from the 2011 Milan Furniture Fair
Apr 14, 2011 View some of the newest furniture design introductions on exhibit at this year’s Salone Internazionale del Mobili

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International Office Concept by Lema Contract

Designed by Bruno Fattorini and Partners, this trestle-style office desk features a simple, lightweight design that offers incredible stability and function. The long-length top is made from composites such as aluminum, carbon, and a special cardboard, and trestles are movable to hold up to 50 kg. Complete with mobile privacy screens.


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Eghoor-01 by Leucos S.p.A.

Don’t be mistaken: This isn’t close encounters of the fourth kind. Rather, it’s the new Eghoor from Leucos. Designed by Danilo De Rossi, the handblown glass floor lamp features a gloss white diffuser over a polyurethane resin lining to create a soft glow that resembles lunar aesthetics.


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Surf by Royal Botania

Why sit when you can surf? The new collection of circular, outdoor seating, designed by Erik Nyberg, Gustav Ström, and Kris Van Puyvelde, will put your mind at ease. The single foot allows users to hover above the ground in this unique lounger, complete with an overhead shade to keep you out of the summer sun.


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Ahrend XXXX_Sofa by Ahrend

From a sofa to a chair and back again, the Ahrend XXXX, designed by Yuya Ushida, effortlessly converts without the use of tools. Expressed in simple geometric forms, the transformable two- or three-seater sofa/chair is comprised of recycled and recyclable PET parts in four different lengths and can be compacted for storage, transport, or functional needs. Ahrend XXXX offers the height and comfort users would expect from a sofa.


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Hayon Collection by Bisazza Bagno

As the first launch from its new bathroom division, Bisazza Bagno introduces the Hayon Collection. Designed by Jaime Hayon, this collaboration elicits a vintage nostalgia that is reminiscent of the glamourous 1930s decade. Scandinavian touches and feminine shapes give the line a strong identity that is full of charm.


Highlights from the 2011 Milan Furniture Fair_06

Bitta by Kettal

Milan welcomes a new collection of outdoor furniture from Kettal. The assortment of Bitta products, designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, is made from a combination of aluminum frames, braided polyester seats and cushions, and teak and stone tabletops. The dense braiding, which is inspired by the ropes that tie up moar boats, stands up to the elements but still lets the air flow through, like a comfortable nest for relaxation.


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Cone by Brandoni

Get swept up in the heat of the moment with Brandoni. The new Cone fireplace introduction, designed by the architectural offices of Milan-based Gritti Rollo, is made of light oak. The fireplace starts as an elliptical shape at its base, traveling upward to a nearly round form that is nothing but chic. The product, which runs on plant-based bioethanol, is available in two sizes.

Highlights from the 2011 Milan Furniture Fair_08

Satellight by Lamur

Everything twinkles when you wish upon a star. Lamur’s first line of wall lights creates a scene straight from the night sky, with shapes of stars and planets to inspire the imagination. The energy-efficient LEDs are safe for most applications and the panels feature laser-cut sheets of polycarbonate.