Nature-Inspired Resources

Nature-Inspired Resources
Designs take on an organic beauty with inspirations from nature

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Nature-Inspired Resources_01 Luminaire
Light takes flight with the Birdie’s Busch floor lamp, designed by Ingo Maurer. The metal fixture features a series of abstract birds, created from seven, low-voltage halogen bulbs placed between goose-feather wings. The playful yet savvy piece will be at the center of many conversations.
Nature-Inspired Resources_02 Chella Textiles
What’s black and white and sure to make an impression? Sketchbook Floral from Chella. The whimsical pattern is simple and to the point, as if drawn by hand on a piece of paper. The fabric, which comes in five colorways (shown in Ink) with 100 percent solution dyed acrylic, is ideal for use as upholstery or drapery.
Nature-Inspired Resources_03 Leland International
Tune into the ebb and flow of Mother Nature with the Ebb. The seat draws on images of logs floating along a river. Made from white oak veneer, the hollow seat ranges from 4 ft. to 10 ft. in length and features a white laminate interior. An optional mirror caps each end, and upholstered onlays are also available. Ebb is 100 percent recyclable. 
Nature-Inspired Resources_04 Modono™ Glass
Rainbows present a full dimension of beauty, so why shouldn’t your design products? The Modono™ Glass Tile Collection features a unique, thin-film technology that offers a diachronic effect to produce a prism of hues. The optical effect changes based on the angle of the light and viewer, as well as the texture and pattern of the perceived color surface. Tiles range from 3-in. squares up to 12 in. by 28 in. squares. 
Nature-Inspired Resources_05 Giorgetti
Sculptural beauty takes center stage in Erasmo. Making its U.S. debut this past fall, the desk boasts an organic leaf forms and usability from either side, perfect for promoting workplace collaboration. The cabinet drawers rotate a full 360 degrees for dual-side access, and the desk features a saddle leather stitched worksurface.
Nature-Inspired Resources_06 Laufen
As part of the ever-expanding Ilbagnoalessi One collection, the new Tuna washbasin exudes graceful curves in a fluid form, inspired by the contoured body of its namesake. With poise and femininity, the clean, white finish offers modern luxury as a ceramic piece. It’s available with or without a tap hole for faucet flexibility.
Nature-Inspired Resources_07 POLI Keramik
Look under a microscope at the seeds of the Ornithogalum dubium flower, and you’ll find a shape similar to that of the Milky Star, designed by Pudelskern. Crafted from white ceramic, the surfacing units can be used individually as wall hooks or combined as an interlocking, organic design across a larger area. Each piece allows for a multitude of organic arrangements to create a unique and naturally inspired puzzle.
Nature-Inspired Resources_08 Nella Ventrina
Slinky and overtly sexy, the Cobra line of Italian tile from Nella Ventrina is straight out of the wilderness. Available in Ivory and Brown hues, the sophisticated design collection can be used as a full-wall dramatic statement or as accents throughout the bath and environemnts beyond.
Nature-Inspired Resources_09 CBC Flooring
The enhanced wood-like options from the TOLI Mature collection present designers with exotic variety. Wengé and zebrawood styles, along with the line’s bamboo, rustics, and other stains, give the commercial sheet flooring an added depth of realism. Natural embossing mimics organic textures, and the cross-linked polyurethane wear surface means the product never has to be stripped.
Nature-Inspired Resources_10 Brintons
Picking up on the subtle nuances of the natural world, Stacy Garcia presents a wonderfully organic assortment of carpet patterns. The woven Axminster carpets simulate wind-blown sand dunes, light reflecting off of water (shown), and weathered driftwood, among others. The soft, neutral tones add a sense of mood and sophistication.