Designers Rate Wallcoverings

Designers Rate Wallcoverings
Apr 27, 2011 Contract asks two designers to name and explain their preferred Wallcovering products

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Designers Rate Wallcoverings_01 Janine A. Intonato, Senior Associate, Design Director - Corporate Studio,TSC Design, New York
Designers Rate Wallcoverings_02 Maharam, Indent
This high-performance wallcovering forms a sculptural pattern of horizontal stacked planes. These linear grooves help conceal imperfections on uneven walls.
Designers Rate Wallcoverings_03 Carnegie, Palazzo
This classic luxe woven with a wide range of colors exemplifies a timeless elegance. The natural aesthetic is defined by the rich texture and random slubs.
Designers Rate Wallcoverings_04 Wolf-Gordon, Stacks
The layered, textured pattern expresses modern depth in this low-emitting, recyclable vinyl wallcovering. The architectural lines create a seamless application.
Designers Rate Wallcoverings_05 Margit Whitlock, Director, Senior Architectural Designer, Graham Downes Architecture in San Diego
Designers Rate Wallcoverings_06 Maya Romanoff, Marquetry
Maya Romanoff makes some of the most lavish materials for walls. You cannot call it wallcovering; it is more like art.
Designers Rate Wallcoverings_07 Koroseal Studios, ARTE Collection
I love circles in any form. This pattern has a blend of ovals and circles, making it have depth, and the colors paired are unique and contemporary. Koroseal always has a solution for our design dilemmas.
Designers Rate Wallcoverings_08 Tri-Kes, ULF MORITZ
I love any [style] of this collection. These patterns have a burned velvet hand that creates the three-dimensional effect. Just lovely!