Best of NeoCon® 2011 Winners: Seating

Best of NeoCon® 2011 Winners: Seating
Jun 13, 2011 Winners include Haworth, Davis Furniture, and Vitra


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Best of NeoCon® 2011 Winners: Seating_01 SEATING: BENCHES: GOLD WINNER 

LTB by Haworth 
LTB benches are offered in two applications, either reflective or dynamic/interactive collaboration. The benches can be fully upholstered or semi-upholstered, including straight and semi-upholstered curved styles, to create different applications throughout a space., Space No. 312

Best of NeoCon® 2011 Winners: Seating_02 SEATING: BENCHES: SILVER WINNER 

Ebb Bench Seating System  by Leland International 
The Ebb bench seating system can be a stellar standalone furniture piece or individual units can be combined to form a network that can adapt and change according to site requirements., Space No. 337

Best of NeoCon® 2011 Winners: Seating_03 SEATING: BENCHES: EDITOR'S CHOICE 

Mind-Share and Rise from the Gather Collection by Allsteel 
Mind-Share is an upholstered, banquette-style seating arrangement that creates micro-environments. It's a versatile option for open or enclosed spaces. Rise is innovative, providing a comfortable, bench-like style without forcing side-by-side seating., SPace No. 1120

Best of NeoCon® 2011 Winners: Seating_04 SEATING: CONFERENCE: GOLD WINNER 

Sola Chair Series by Davis Furniture Industries, Inc. 
Designed and developed exclusively for Davis, Sola boasts a distinctive, sculptured form that is marked by a dramatic use of angles and slender, uninterrupted lines. The back of the chair is available fully upholstered or in wood veneers., Space No. 3-115

Best of NeoCon® 2011 Winners: Seating_05 SEATING: CONFERENCE: SILVER WINNER 

Unity by Keilhauer 
Unity is a roomy, comfortable solution for an executive desk or boardroom/conference room chair. Beautiful details and sculptural contours, plus the T1-L5 Free Shoulders® and Pelvic Balance Point®, make Unity a versatile choice for any office environment., Space No. 373

Best of NeoCon® 2011 Winners: Seating_06 SEATING: ERGONOMIC DESK/TASK: GOLD WINNER

ID Chair Concept by Vitra, Inc. 
The ID Chair Concept is designed to meet a variety of office needs. Based on a technically innovative platform-mechanism, the system provides over 8,000 options to suit the individual user while the chair's basic look and construction remain the same., Space No. 1192

Best of NeoCon® 2011 Winners: Seating_07 SEATING: ERGONOMIC DESK/TASK: SILVER WINNER 

Geiger Sotto™ Executive Chair by Geiger International 
Geiger Sotto is a subtle yet sublime executive chair that is heavy on beauty and craftsmanship but light on attitude. Offering an array of height, arm, upholstery detail, base, and accessory options, Sotto™ breathes fresh air into executive offices and meeting rooms., Space No. 318

Best of NeoCon® 2011 Winners: Seating_08 SEATING: GUEST: GOLD WINNERSit Wood by Andreu World America 

The 2010 Sit, created with thermo-polymer, now features new pieces and accessories. The newly designed wood version is FSC certified. New accessories for Sit include such items as ganging devices and the ability to stack up to 25 seats high., Space No. 10-132

Best of NeoCon® 2011 Winners: Seating_09 SEATING: GUEST: SILVER WINNER 

Ginkgo Chair Series by Davis Furniture Industries, Inc. 
Ginkgo is an elegant yet durable, bent plywood chair with an organic aesthetic that is both instantly recognizable and utterly unforgettable., Space No.3-115

Best of NeoCon® 2011 Winners: Seating_10 SEATING: GUEST: EDITOR'S CHOICE

HIDA Series Furniture by ITOKI Design 
A collection of exceptionally crafted wooden furniture pieces for casual meeting, the HIDA chair features a Cedar construction that utilizes a unique and innovative wood compression process, strengthening the typically soft material enough for use in furniture., Space No. 7-6030

Best of NeoCon® 2011 Winners: Seating_11 SEATING: SOFAS & LOUNGE: GOLD WINNER 

Kontour Lounge Series by Davis Furniture Industries, Inc. 
Kontour modular seating can be arranged in limitless configurations to provide comfortable, functional seating options in rooms of all sizes., Space No. 3-115

Best of NeoCon® 2011 Winners: Seating_12 SEATING: SOFAS & LOUNGE: SILVER WINNER 

Gather Collection by Allsteel 
Gather includes upholstered seating that lets you work any way you want: sit, stand, lean, or lounge. Its elements redefine space and expand the definition of furniture. Gather supports the evolution of chance encounters into full-fledged meetings., Space No. 1120

Best of NeoCon® 2011 Winners: Seating_13 SEATING: STACKING: GOLD WINNER 

Sail by Andreu World America 
Sail’s design adapts its form, just like a boat’s sail. The guest chair is designed from 100 percent recyclable polypropylene, which makes for a light-weight chair that can support up to 350 lbs. Sail stacks up to 30 seats high and is BIFMA certified., Space No. 10-132

Best of NeoCon® 2011 Winners: Seating_14 SEATING: STACKING: SILVER WINNER

Webster from Fixtures by izzy+ 
Webster brings dramatically new definition to cool, comfortable, flexible, and sustainable seating for today's campus and other fashion- and function-forward environments. Beautiful, tough, and versatile, Webster is destined for "summa cum laude" status., Space No. 11-100