Best of NeoCon 2011 Winners: Healthcare Winners

Best of NeoCon 2011 Winners: Healthcare Winners
Jun 12, 2011 Winners include KnollTextiles, Nemschoff, and SIS-USA inc.

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Best of NeoCon 2011 Winners: Healthcare Winners_01 HEALTHCARE FABRICS & TEXTILES: GOLD WINNER 

Vista Collection by KnollTextiles 
The Vista Collection for healthcareconsists of two privacy curtains, Sundial and Bloom, and three high-performance upholstery fabrics--Grandview, Zipline, and Framework., Space No. 1111

Best of NeoCon 2011 Winners: Healthcare Winners_02 HEALTHCARE FABRICS & TEXTILES: SILVER WINNER

The Day Dream Collection by cf stinson 
Unparalleled beautiful designs, vibrant colors, stain resistant, and bleach cleanable define the attributes of the Day Dream Collection. Thefabrics offer a soft aesthetic, comfort, and performance without compromise., Space No. 10-150

Best of NeoCon 2011 Winners: Healthcare Winners_03 HEALTHCARE FLOORING: GOLD WINNER 

The Vivendi Collection by Mannington Commercial 
Created by healthcare designers for healthcare projects, Vivendi resilient is part of a “goes together not matches” family of products, including textiles from Pallas. The line features a rich layering of patterns and design concepts of luxury, healthy, and calm., Space No. 1039

Best of NeoCon 2011 Winners: Healthcare Winners_04 HEALTHCARE FURNITURE: GOLD WINNER 

Oasis™ Overbed by Nemschoff, a Herman Miller Healthcare Company 
Meeting the need for maximum utilization of critical surface space is the Oasis Overbed from Nemschoff. Oasis Overbed controls clutter, providing dedicated compartments to organize healthcare items and affording patients a chance to own their space., Space No. 330

Best of NeoCon 2011 Winners: Healthcare Winners_05 HEALTHCARE FLOORING: SILVER WINNER

Estuary Broadloom Collection for Healthcare by Tandus Flooring 
Tandus Flooring® introduces Dynex SD Lustre, the first high-luster solution-dyed fiber, and incorporates it into a collection for long-term care. Estuary provides silky sheen and clear, vibrant color without compromise to performance., Space No. 391

Best of NeoCon 2011 Winners: Healthcare Winners_06 HEALTHCARE SEATING: SILVER WINNER 

Commons by Carolina
Commons is a modular seating and tables system designed to support common areas in healthcare facilities. With its considerate scale, Commons offers broad seating solutions perfect for any modern environment., Space No. 1132

Best of NeoCon 2011 Winners: Healthcare Winners_07 HEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS: GOLD WINNER

Auto-Wall Tracx by SIS-USA, Inc.
The adjustable, low wall-mounted technology support solution is ideal for environments where space is limited and confined. The work, monitor, and keyboard surfaces feature quick adjustment and flat storage capability., Space No. 1169

Best of NeoCon 2011 Winners: Healthcare Winners_08 HEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS: SILVER WINNER and INNOVATION

Balance Beam by io Lighting  
Balance Beam is an ADA compliant LED illuminated grab bar with Touch Sensing Technology. Designed for patient rooms, Balance Beam helps prevent patient falls and subsequent injury, as it illuminates the path between the bed and the restroom., Space No. 7-8119