Mazzo, Amsterdam, Design by Concrete
Ewout Huibers
Mazzo, Amsterdam, Design by Concrete
Jul 01, 2011 IQ Creative enlists local design firm Concrete to create a welcoming home for an Italian eatery in a working class Amsterdam neighborhood

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Mazzo, Amsterdam, Design by Concrete_01 Since no signage is permitted outside the building on Rozengracht, Concrete custom designed a massive sign set within the restaurant. The five letters, made of raw steel and filled with classic amusement lights, call out to passersby on the street.
Mazzo, Amsterdam, Design by Concrete_02 The 5-meter-tall front space of Mazzo perfectly suits a bar area, where guests can order a fast espresso or have a drink at the high bar tables.
Mazzo, Amsterdam, Design by Concrete_03 Lighting from the Bestlite series by GUBI, wall lights above the 9-meter-long Chesterfi eld couch
banquette, and the suspension lights above the bar foster a welcoming, homey ambience in the front bar
Mazzo, Amsterdam, Design by Concrete_04 A vast wooden cupboard, constructed from solid pine, extends from front to the back of the space as a unifying element. Not only used to store and display stock items, the structure also forms the backbar and stairs up to a mezzanine level and delineates the kitchen from the dining room area.
Mazzo, Amsterdam, Design by Concrete_05 Five funky, modern chandeliers, Dear Ingo fi xtures by MOOOI, illuminate the dining area. To impart the feeling of an Italian family dinner, the designers decked the walls of this dining room with four oversized photographs that capture people of different ages showing their passion for food. The subjects of the portraits are members of IQ Creative’s family.
Mazzo, Amsterdam, Design by Concrete_06 At the back of the space a child’s play area by the day can disappear in the cabinet behind a black-and-white blocked curtain to offer an intimate nook for a glass of wine by night.