C&A, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Designed by Chute Gerdeman
Brandon L. Jones Photography
C&A, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Designed by Chute Gerdeman
Aug 04, 2011 Chute Gerdeman brings a new energetic sense of life to the C&A fashion store in São Paulo, Brazil

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CA Fashion Store_01 Upon entering C&A Iguatemi, shoppers are greeted by an atmosphere of luxury that positions the store to compete against the mall’s other high-end tenants, such as Tiffany & Co. The metallic tile floors and custom light installation, as well as views of the LED wall along the staircase, create a vibrant scene, grabbing the attention of passersby.
CA Fashion Store_02 Situated on the first floor, the shoe department offers eye candy in the form of stylish footwear, as well as in bright colors on the furnishings and fixtures.
CA Fashion Store_03 The first-floor cash wrap ends the store experience on a colorful note with its cutout design accentuated by bold hues. Merchandise fixtures along the checkout line encourage last-minute impulse buying with eye-catching accessories.
CA Fashion Store_04 High-gloss materials and uniquely shaped clothing displays serve a similar attention-grabbing purpose in the fashion displays.
CA Fashion Store_05 A more formal backdrop in the lingerie department adds sensual allure with a black-and-white striped runway
and subtle pink accents.
CA Fashion Store_06 The São Paulo Fashion Week section reveals a shop-within-a-shop concept, and presents a museum-like showcase of offerings from Brazil’s up-and-coming designers.
CA Fashion Store_07 The children’s clothing department on the third floor features whimsical displays, such as the tree-like structures in the baby and toddler area.
CA Fashion Store_08 A three-story LED-lit wall along the central staircase is a dramatic wayfinding compass for customers.