2011 Sustainable Product Showcase

2011 Sustainable Product Showcase
Sep 02, 2011 Contract keeps it green with a roundup of eco-friendly product introductions

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Most don’t give a thought to the energy consumed in order to heat water, particularly when it comes to single-lever faucets. Typically left in the six o’clock position, single levers automatically dispense a mix of hot and cold water when initially turned on. Coolfix technology, featured in KWC’s AVA line of faucets, seeks to remedy this by designating the middle position as full-cold water, thus reducing water heating when it’s not needed.


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Blendz by Móz Designs

Móz recently expanded its Blendz line of color-treated aluminum-core panels to include even more hues and patterns for walls, columns, and other architectural applications. The coverings are composed of 80 percent post-industrial recycled aluminum, making them contributory to LEED credits, and are offered with optional gloss or satin finishes.

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Zone by Watson

Zone is a personal storage locker, but it can easily be a piece of furniture with its refined, minimalistic design and Greenguard-certified laminates. The line is built from wood composite board that’s in-turn made from 100 percent recycled, post-industry byproduct from local mills in the Pacific Northwest. Available in six styles and two heights, the units are also recyclable after use.


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Glide by Nessen

The curved reflector that hovers over Nessen’s Glide gives the illusion that the ceiling fixture is floating through the air. The parachute-like canopy, made from either fiberglass or molded plywood, contributes to the light’s modern aesthetic and dually serves to reduce glare from the dimmable LED source. The custom-designed piece features four adjustable suspension cables, and the contrast of finishes adds depth to its delicate frame.


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Vega Paints by Unearthed Paints

Vegans will give a thumbs-up to Vega Paints from Unearthed Paints, new natural paint company that offers a portfolio of biodegradable, vegan-approved paints, plasters, and finishes crafted from minimally processed organic ingredients including clay, chalk, and lime. Derived from Italian white marble, Vega Paints feature an odor-free plant casein-based recipe—as opposed to traditional milk-casein—that is suitable for application on absorbent surfaces such as plaster, stone, concrete, wallpaper, drywall, and fibrous plaster boards. All paints from Unearthed Paints are VOC-free and tinted with mineral pigments.


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Bright Work by Shaw Contract Group

Bright Work, a new Quick Ship collection that utilizes approximately 45 percent recycled content and EcoWorx recyclable backing, is available in both broadloom and tile format. The line features a neutral palette and seven transitional to modern patterns, ranging from hairline striations and staggered lines to abstracted blocks.


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Lagarta by Corque Design

Lagarta finally crossed the pond when Corque Design, a Portuguese design studio focused on finding solutions in cork, made its debut in the United States this spring. Designed by Ana Mestre with Inês Pereira, the spherical modular system segments, made from expanded natural cork that has been finished with a water-based varnish, resemble giant pebbles and can be arranged in an infinite number of ways. 


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Trio Training Tables™ by Gunlocke

Gunlocke aims to increase flexibility within the workspace with its line of Trio Training Tables™. The rectangular surfaces come in six rectangular-shaped sizes, plus a hexagonal shape and insert piece, to allow for a variety of configurations that enhance collaboration in conference and training spaces, and provide options for casters, modesty panels, and a variety of veneer and laminate surfaces and finishes. The tables feature 74 percent pre-consumer or post-industrial content, 8 percent post-consumer content, and contribute to LEED®. An FSC-certified option of 70 percent wood construction is also available.


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Brilliant Filigree by York Contract Wallcoverings

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but all a wall needs is Candice Olsen. The designer’s Brilliant Filigree wallcovering is part of her namesake collection for York Contract and adorned with 100 percent recycled glass beads sourced from automobile windshields. The water-based inks and adhesives are low-VOC, and the Type II vinyl improves insulation R-factor by 6 percent. Brilliant Filigree is offered in four subtle shades—soft yellow, pale blue, warm gray, and warm sand.


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San Marco by Chella Textiles

San Marco’s allure doesn’t stop with its luxurious, brocade-like pattern—the upholstery line also boasts an appealing sustainable composition. Like the manufacturer's other eco-friendly product introductions, such as Meander and Lateral, San Marco is meticulously woven from stain-resistant solution dyed polyolefin yarn fibers, which are produced from 100 percent post industrial petroleum by-products. Additionally, the durable fabric can be recycled and re-extruded up to 10 times.


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Green Tables by Baltix Sustainable Furniture

Baltix expanded its portfolio of sustainable tables when it introduced last year a new top option—a corn- and soy-based BioSuf™ surface laminate vacuum-pressed over a green, 100 percent recycled wood fiber MDF substrate. The tables are formaldehyde-free, rapidly renewable, and can contribute to LEED credits. Baltix offers a comprehensive selection of table shapes and styles, and edges can be finished with either a 3-D laminate edge or the VOC-free corn polymer BioEdge™. The steel bases come in 16 non-VOC powder coat color finishes. 



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Breathe™ Living Wall by DIRTT
Take a minute to Breathe™ with Dirtt. Named one of this year’s Top 10 Green Building Products by independent news source Sustainable Industries, the patent-pending modular system allows designers to easily incorporate plants into interiors. Modules can be attached to any flat, vertical surface material, and can be used individually or as an entire wall feature. Breathe™ contributes 1.2 LEED® points for Innovation; the use of plants within interior spaces has shown to reduce HVAC energy useage by 10 percent and reduce total volatile organic compound loads by 75 percent (below 100 ppb).


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Yill by Younicos

TheYill storage unit takes your office on the go. Launched at Milan 2011, the innovative design from German designer Werner Aisslinger offers users a portable, compact source of energy that does away with power cords and allows users the flexibility to work anywhere. The rolling module stores enough energy to supply power for a range of needs—computers and laptops, Internet connectivity, cell phone charging, and more—for up to three days. Yill even travels outdoors, weather permitting.