Liverpool Polanco, Mexico City Designed by FRCH Design Worldwide

Liverpool Polanco, Mexico City Designed by FRCH Design Worldwide
Sep 16, 2011 A monochromatic backdrop is anything but dull at this Liverpool flagship, thanks to an award-winning store design from FRCH Design Worldwide.

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Liverpool Polanco, Mexico City Designed by FRCH Design Worldwide_01 The six-story structure had undergone several renovations since it opened in the 1970s, but had never had a complete revitalization. Its outdated design also did not reflect the brand's new positioning. "Polanco is a big store, and we wanted to make feel as one space, one in which you could discover something new but always see what was next so the customer will always new where they were," says Lead Designer Young Rok Park, vice president of FRCH Design Worldwide, and Project Manager Claudia Cerchiara, also a vice president at the firm. Additionally, the more than 504,000-square-foot needed to address the needs of a family customer base, able to address and resonate with the needs of all members, as well as maintain the brand's image as an international fashion leader.
Liverpool Polanco, Mexico City Designed by FRCH Design Worldwide_02 FRCH Design devised a unique solution for the store that centered around four key elements: primarily white-colored architecture to represent Liverpool's international reach; black accents and details to instill a sense of chic fashion; feminine architecture through use of the building's curved footprint; and masculine design and details to emphasize the vertical elements.
Liverpool Polanco, Mexico City Designed by FRCH Design Worldwide_03 The store is arranged almost identically on each of its six floors with a series of salon-like vignettes, which create a natural progression for shoppers as they peruse. Circular central displays with inset ceilings dually serve as "wow" factor focal points and navigation landmarks. "The use of soft curved aisles mimics the shape of the building and allows customers to discover the store as they move around the eye-catching displays, creating a very comfortable shopping experience," Cerchiara explains. "This simple and impactful architecture helped the team to stay on budget as well."
Liverpool Polanco, Mexico City Designed by FRCH Design Worldwide_04 Throughout the store, a simple palette inspired by Asian art and monotone calligraphy is employed to not detract from the merchandise's own appeal. The white canvas provides a uniform backdrop, with black accents to delineate space. Hints of added color give each department its own identity, such as the natural tones of the home goods section or features natural tones the signature pink hue of the Liverpool brand in the common areas.
Liverpool Polanco, Mexico City Designed by FRCH Design Worldwide_05 "Our goal as a firm always is to understand our client and provide the best design solution for them," says Park. "The Liverpool Polanco store has always been a success for the company but since the renovation, it has become even more successful."

Liverpool Polanco was recognized with a Grand SADI Award in the 2011 Superior Achievement in Design and Imaging (SADI) Awards from Retail Traffic, an Outstanding Merit in the 2011 A.R.E. Awards from the Association for Retail Environments, and with an award of merit in the Retail Design Institute's (RDI) 2011 International Store Design Awards. Lighting for the project was designed by Lighting Designer Doug Russell of the Lighting Workshop.