Enermodal, Kitchener, Ontario
Shai Gil
Enermodal, Kitchener, Ontario
Sep 26, 2011

Touted as the most energy efficient office building in Canada, Enermodal establishes a benchmark


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Enermodal, Kitchener, Ontario_01 The building’s length and large windows allow a generous amount of daylight to penetrate the interior.
Enermodal, Kitchener, Ontario_02 In the reception, the flooring is composed of beech reclaimed from a demolished Toronto building.
The reception desktop is constructed of Richlite, a paper-based composite.
Enermodal, Kitchener, Ontario_03 An interior stairwell in the atrium connects all three floors, and its skylights supplement daylight filtering in through the windows of offices and meeting rooms. Near the skylight, an automated louver exhausts hot air from the building in summer. Inspired by the Grand River, a kiln-fired glass sculpture called “A Grander Flow” was created for the atrium wall by California-based artist Deanna Marsh.
Enermodal, Kitchener, Ontario_04 The Teknion Altos glass partition system separates the offices and meeting rooms from the corridors. The glass allows daylight to pass from the exterior through to the atrium core of the building.
Enermodal, Kitchener, Ontario_05 Carpeting by Interface lines the corridors. Offices have climate controls that individual occupants can adjust, as well as sensors that turn lights on and off based on occupancy.