Designers Select: Boardroom Furniture

Designers Select: Boardroom Furniture
Sep 26, 2011

Two designers tell Contract readers about their favorite new conference room furnishings and accessories


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Designers Select: Boardroom Furniture_01 Janet Simpson
Senior Associate
Designers Select: Boardroom Furniture_02 Steelcase: media:scape mini and mobile
I'm impressed with these because they're sensible solutions that encourage a dynamic collaboration process. They're savvy in the way they integrate mobile technology with simplicity in form.
Designers Select: Boardroom Furniture_03 HBF: Costa
These multipurpose tables stand out because they don't compromise design sensibility to meet functional requirements. The leg details that have the optional inlaid veneer or laminate are unexpected and a great accent.
Designers Select: Boardroom Furniture_04 Davis Furniture Industries: Ekko
I don't usually think of a conference table as a piece of art, but I do with Ekko because of the beautiful base. The line's three base designs elevate not just the tabletop, but also your expectation of what a conference table should be.
Designers Select: Boardroom Furniture_05 Erica Godun
Project Architect and Associate
FXFOWLE Architects
New York
Designers Select: Boardroom Furniture_06 Benetti Stone: Moss Tile
I would love to use this on a project. It's an eco-friendly sound-absorbing material that can be mounted on any type of surface. It is an innovative way to bring a little bit of the outdoors into a conference room without typical plant maintenance.
Designers Select: Boardroom Furniture_07 Tuohy: Zi
We design a lot of meeting rooms with video-conferencing systems. What I like about Zi is the simple integration of technology while still allowing for standard conference meetings. It's sophisticated, yet elegant.
Designers Select: Boardroom Furniture_08 Jessica Wickham: Custom Tables
We commissioned custom walnut conference and side tables from Jessica Wickham for the new National Audubon Society offices. The tops are made of reclaimed wood found within 500 miles of New York City. And Jessica lets the natural shape or grain of the tree come through in her designs, making each table unique.