Designers Select Healthcare

Designers Select Healthcare
Oct 26, 2011 Two designers tell Contract readers about their favorite new products suitable for healthcare environments


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Designers Select Healthcare_01 201110_JPolhamus Joyce Polhamus, vice president and leader, Health Interiors and Senior Living Studios at SmithGroup, San Francisco
Designers Select Healthcare_02 201110_BHuelat Barbara J. Huelat, design principal of Huelat Parimucha Healing Design in Alexandria, Virginia
Designers Select Healthcare_03 201110_9wood 9Wood: EcoGrille
"In healthcare, we try to deinstitutionalize the interiors. Wood-slat ceilings in key areas--like nurse stations or registration desks--go a long way to help with wayfinding and warming up a space. The line creates a nice detail and is FSC-certified," says Polhamus.
Designers Select Healthcare_04 201110_shaw Shaw Contract Group: 18x36 in Overlay
"This carpet tile has a simple pattern of clean lines to create dimension without confusing older adults who are visually impaired. It's also Cradle-to-Cradle-certified, PVC-free, and low-VOC," says Polhamus.
Designers Select Healthcare_05 201110_krug Krug: Solis
"The Solis seating group is a great new option because the mesh back substantially lightens the look of the seating, which is important in tightly planned healthcare spaces. And it also has removable seat covers, detachable components, and a crumb sweep in the rear," says Polhamus.
Designers Select Healthcare_06 201110_philips Philips Color Kinetic Lighting: iW Fuse Powercore
"We are using this product to create a faux water feature in a behavioral healthcare setting. This simulated water feature will provide a positive distraction and soothing environment for the visitors," says Huelat.
Designers Select Healthcare_07 201110_3form 3form: Varia Ecoresin Bios
"Together with the Philips lighting, we specified these panels for a faux water feature in an environment where real water is not an option. The Bios pattern simulates water very well and has a positive effect," says Huelat.