Ship Shape
Sid Lee Architecture
Ship Shape
Dec 22, 2011 Sid Lee Architecture transforms a 1950s-era ferry into a world-class spa in Montreal's Old Port


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Ship Shape_01 12.2011_BotaBota_08 At Bota Bota in Montreal's Old Port, extra-large portholes measuring 5 feet in diameter boast almost 40 inches of depth, affording guests a unique leatherette-covered perching spot and vantage point.
Ship Shape_02 12.2011_BotaBota_07 Besides offering uniquely framed views of the city, new porthole panels shield clients in treatment rooms from cold Montreal winters via construction of thermal glass sandwiched between steel. The vertical window can be opened to let in fresh air.
Ship Shape_03 12.2011_BotaBota_06 The topmost level contains a mosaic tiled steam-bath area.
Ship Shape_04 12.2011_BotaBota_05 The topmost level houses a traditional cedar-wood sauna.
Ship Shape_05 12.2011_BotaBota_04 On the second level, glazing filters natural sunlight into a seating area that gives way to the onboard bistro.
Ship Shape_06 12.2011_BotaBota_03 The main staircase features a mesh guardrail and maple stair treads. It provides access to the Pont Soleil, where guests enjoy terraces, pools and baths, and the sauna.
Ship Shape_07 12.2011_BotaBota_02 The ferry's previous machinery was removed to make way for the men's and women's locker rooms. The lockers are steel while the benching slats are cedar.
Ship Shape_08 12.2011_BotaBota_01 Bota Bota features a corner bistro with sweeping views of the harbor.