Scarpetta Dining Pavillion
Dan Couto
Scarpetta Dining Pavillion
Jan 20, 2012

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Scarpetta Dining Pavillion_01 04_Restaurant_01_12 The mirrored-chrome bar becomes invisible as it reflects the urban landscape.
Scarpetta Dining Pavillion_02 03_Restaurant_01_12 Heights of the communal dining table vary from table to counter to bar, affording diners a sense of privacy.
Scarpetta Dining Pavillion_03 02_Restaurant_01_12 Red Cindy lamps by Kartell add a pop of color in a mostly black-and-white space.
Scarpetta Dining Pavillion_04 01_Restaurant_01_12.jpg The Scarpetta dining pavilion is enclosed by a black pergola designed by gh3 architecture and landscape architecture.