Designers Select Seating
courtesy Davis
Designers Select Seating
Jan 25, 2012

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Designers Select Seating_01 Mark-Dannehl.12.19.11 Mark Arlynn Dannehl, IIDA, LEEDP AP ID+C
Designers Select Seating_02 Black_Wood_Base_Gingko_01_12 "With a rise in organically influenced architecture, this molded plywood chair by Jehs + Laub is a great solution for dining, training, or guest seating," Dannehl says.

Designers Select Seating_03 origami_chair_01_12 "This lightweight chair takes mobility to the extreme with an origami-like design that can be folded for easy transport and storage," says Dannehl.


Designers Select Seating_04 forest_Forest_PH_01_12 "These Arik Levy-designed stools are sophisticated yet simple, with a wide range of finish combinations," says Dannehl.

Designers Select Seating_05 CARRIE_01_12 Carrie Frye, LEED AP ID+C, CDT
Director of Interior Design
Studio Fusion
Charlotte, North Carolina
Designers Select Seating_06 Keilhauer_Boxcar_dual_view_01_12 "The lightweight legs and 'floating' seat are outstanding, and the separation between seat and back indicate a strong sense of design and how it should be viewed from all sides," says Frye.

Designers Select Seating_07 LI_SAY_P_01_12 "It's hard to beat Herman Miller when it comes to task chairs, and this is another example of why. The detailing comes only slightly second to the functionality," Frye says.