Designers Select: Rugs and Carpeting
courtesy Desso
Designers Select: Rugs and Carpeting
Apr 11, 2012

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Designers Select: Rugs and Carpeting_01 Dan-Welborn Daniel A. Welborn, AIA
Irvine, Calif.
Designers Select: Rugs and Carpeting_02 Desso_IntrinsicEnergy “I love the way this large-scale carpet with a 13-by-25-inch repeat creates movement and depth for large spaces while avoiding a monotonous pattern,” says Welborn.

Designers Select: Rugs and Carpeting_03 Brintons_PublicSpaces_600x400 "Santiago Calatrava is one of my favorite architects and this carpet is evocative of his engineering masterpieces," says Welborn. "Like his bridge designs, this carpet creates a sense of tension and movement."

Designers Select: Rugs and Carpeting_04 TaiPing_Samarkand "I like to combine geometrics and organics in our modern resort designs and this carpet with a linear striae in the background and two overlapping organic patterns would fit nicely," says Welborn. "The pop of red is also a nice flourish to this elegant but casual carpet."

Designers Select: Rugs and Carpeting_05 LizLevyDauwe Liz Levy Dauwe
Interior designer
Wilson Associates
Designers Select: Rugs and Carpeting_06 Couristan_SouthPadre “These fiber-enhanced indoor/outdoor rugs resist mold and mildew—perfect for our island projects!” says Dauwe.

Designers Select: Rugs and Carpeting_07 TopFloor_Emmenthal “This Esti Barnes design is simply a work of art! She has this way of understanding color and mood, so every piece tells a story and seamlessly fits into the design landscape,” says Dauwe.

Designers Select: Rugs and Carpeting_08 ZenithIntl_Bijoux “I love everything about Swarovski—the class and glamour it symbolizes—and I think this rug tastefully marries ‘earth’ and ‘jewel,’” says Dauwe.

Designers Select: Rugs and Carpeting_09 SiobanBarry Sioban Barry
New York

Designers Select: Rugs and Carpeting_10 BlueTrain_CalleHenzel “I love the energy and the vibrant collage-like patterns. They are works of art that are perfect for guestroom suites,” Barry says.

Designers Select: Rugs and Carpeting_11 EcoreIntl_Plains “These fabulous interlocking tiles go down like rubber, but have a felted carpet-like feel made from 100 percent recycled plastic bottles. They are so great, we are using them in our new office,” Barry says.

Designers Select: Rugs and Carpeting_12 Dedon_Fishernet “I love these carpets that are textured and warm, and bring a real hospitality feel to the outdoors,” says Barry.