Designers Select: Hospitality Products

Designers Select: Hospitality Products
Jun 12, 2012

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Designers Select: Hospitality Products_01 AnnGottlieb Ann Gottlieb, IIDA
Associate, Interior Designer
Designers Select: Hospitality Products_02 Marset-PleatBox "What I liked about this fixture is the contrasting outer/inner finish. The outside looks like it could be suede, but the inside has a highly reflective surface. The digitally-designed creates gives this wonderfully simple fixture a slight twist."
Designers Select: Hospitality Products_03 Porcelanosa-Sea "This takes wall tile to a whole new level. It appears seamless, while at the same time reflective and textural. It's an eye catcher even from a distance."
Designers Select: Hospitality Products_04 Sancal-Tea "This sofa has a comfortable yet sleek design, with a single weighted form and a subtle texture quilted into the surface."
Designers Select: Hospitality Products_05 Gonzalo_Bustamante Gonzalo Bustamante
Seed Design
New York
Designers Select: Hospitality Products_06 KnollTextiles_Jot-Drapery-iii "These draperies by Suzanne Tick add a touch of glamour and feel almost like chainmail."
Designers Select: Hospitality Products_07 Designtex-Write-Up "I like its flexibility. It's a clear coating that provides a dry-erase surface, so you can paint over any color and on unexpected locations like doors or tabletops. This is something you can really have fun with."
Designers Select: Hospitality Products_08 Delta-Fold "Delta always exemplifies a great level of craftsmanship, and I found Fold both graceful and timeless. The clean, rectilinear silhouette is accentuated by its walnut veneer with a hand-forged metal frame."
Designers Select: Hospitality Products_09 Viveca-Bissonnette Viveca Bissonnette, FIIDA
Vice President, Design Principal
Hollander Design Group
San Diego
Designers Select: Hospitality Products_10 JANUSetCie-BoxwoodModular "The ultimate in luxury outdoor living. The integration of traditional seating and chaise lounge is beautifully executed. It makes me want to curl up in it."
Designers Select: Hospitality Products_11 Vibia-Fold "Finally, a wall sconce that rivals art."
Designers Select: Hospitality Products_12 Edelman_Leather-and-Lace "Edelman's Leather and Lace collection rocks the house with their cutting-edge etched leather technology and bold designs."