Inspirations Awards 2012
courtesy RdlR
Inspirations Awards 2012
Jun 26, 2012

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Inspirations Awards 2012_01 Inspirations_HFB_11(1) The Houston Food Bank by RdlR won the complete built projects category in the Inspirations 2012 competition.
Inspirations Awards 2012_02 Inspirations_HFB_10 Through collaboration with almost 500 non-profit hunger-relief charities across an 18-county swath of southeast Texas, the Houston Food Bank feeds over 137,000 people a week and distributes over 58 million meals per year.
Inspirations Awards 2012_03 Inspirations_HFB_9 Natural lighting for work areas with the addition of insulated skylights provide both quality lighting and the added health benefits of protected sunlight.  
Inspirations Awards 2012_04 Inspirations_HFB_8 Beyond alleviating immediate hunger needs, the Houston Food Bank provides community services and education programs aimed at promoting nutrition, enrollment in federal and state Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programs, and job training and employment help in an effort to break the cycle of food insecurity. 
Inspirations Awards 2012_05 Inspirations_HFB_7 The new, expanded facility has more than quadrupled the Houston Food Bank’s cold storage capacities, allowing an increase in the distribution of fresh produce to people in need. 
Inspirations Awards 2012_06 Inspirations_HFB_6 Meeting the needs of volunteers, staff and the community was of the utmost importance in the design of the new facility. 
Inspirations Awards 2012_07 Inspirations_HFB_5 To expand the Houston Food Bank's distribution capacity more than three-fold, RdlR renovated a neglected, 30-year-old, “tilt-up” warehouse.  
Inspirations Awards 2012_08 Inspirations_GNY_4 The winning submission for the Practice Category is “Community House building project with a simple self-built wooden panel construction" by the Applied Environmental Design Studio (Innovator Certification Course in Environment studies). It is an experiment in building design presented by Hiroto Kobayashi, Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University. 
Inspirations Awards 2012_09 Inspirations_GNY_3 The majority of each house is constructed using 910 mm x 1820 mm engineered wood panels (veneer plywood panels) produced by a local wood processing company in Ishinomaki City which neighbors Minamisanriku. The panels used in this project are panels damaged by the tsunami in March 2011.
Inspirations Awards 2012_10 Inspirations_GNY_2 NPO Gyoryu-no-yu was designed as a solution to local residents in Utatsu of Minamisanriku in Miyagi Prefecture, where 70 percent of homes were devastated by the tsunami in March of 2011. 
Inspirations Awards 2012_11 InspirationsAwards_FM_1 Family Matters in Chicago by Designs for Dignity won an honorable mention from the judges.