Designers Select: Eco Products

Designers Select: Eco Products
Sep 14, 2012

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Designers Select: Eco Products_01 Don-Ricker Don Ricker
Associate Principal
Designers Select: Eco Products_02 maharam_the-firm “It reminds me of Thai Buddhist robes in vibrant turquoise and sunflower yellow,” says Ricker. “The natural fiber content reduces environmental impact and brings peaceful energy through the large patterns and crisp color combinations.” 
Designers Select: Eco Products_03 Carnegie_Xorel-Graphic “Xorel Graphics brings vision to life and provides permanence through the durability of Xorel,” says Ricker.  “And the Responsible Return Program allows it to be recycled after use for the next generation’s design inspiration.” 
Designers Select: Eco Products_04 Platzker_Marjorie Marjorie Platzker, ASID
Interior Design Director
Los Angeles
Designers Select: Eco Products_05 Cosentino_ECObyCosentino “It is solid surfacing made of 75 percent recycled material from mirrors, windshields, bottles, etc,” says Platzker. “It can be used as a substitute for Corian—I like having that option!” 
Designers Select: Eco Products_06 Coverings-Etc-Bio-Luminum “I like the fact that these panels are 100 percent recycled aluminum sourced from retired aircrafts,” says Platzker.
Designers Select: Eco Products_07 ECO98_pinnacle “They both have a fiber wear layer made from recycled plastic bottles and fusion-bonded recycled rubber backing. The charcoal grey looks flanneled. What’s not to love?!” 
Designers Select: Eco Products_08 Richard-Mark Richard Mark
Design Principal
Designers Select: Eco Products_09 emeco-broom-chair “The chair gets its name because it’s made from 90 percent industrial waste plastic and wood scraps that are collected by sweeping up factory floors,” Mark explains. “Designed by one of my all time favorite product designers, Philippe Starck, the chair is well priced, comes in great colors, and is cool looking, too.” 
Designers Select: Eco Products_10 e2e_BiocompositeMaterial “I am always looking for sustainable materials to fabricate furniture,” Mark says. “The Biocomposite Material is a high-strength, lightweight composite made from biodegradable sources like soy, jute, and flax, and requires two-thirds less energy to produce than particleboard or MDF. I’ll be watching to see how e2e will expand its product line.” 
Designers Select: Eco Products_11 JakeDyson_CSYS-task-light “Aside from the intriguing aesthetic, sublime mechanics, and white light quality, I love this LED lamp for its heat pipe technology, the same technology used to cool microprocessors,” says Mark. “Since heat is the limiting factor in lamp longevity, this allows the lamp to last 160,000 hours. That means changing a light bulb once every 37 years!”