Designers Select: Tables and Casegoods

Designers Select: Tables and Casegoods
Nov 08, 2012

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Designers Select: Tables and Casegoods_01 DianaHorvat.jpg Diana Horvat, AIA, IIDA
Managing Principal
Washington, D.C.
Designers Select: Tables and Casegoods_02 OFS_Eleven(1).jpg “Eleven very simply and elegantly embodies the elements that I need in casegoods for my projects. Without a great deal of fuss, it features the critical elements of form, function, and flexibility for a broad range of spaces—from the board room to a smaller private office.”
Designers Select: Tables and Casegoods_03 Nucraft_Passport.jpg “I like the way the product gracefully incorporates the ever-increasing needs of technology integration with smooth flowing lines and mechanics. Many of the conferencing facilities we are designing require this level of flexibility.”
Designers Select: Tables and Casegoods_04 Teknion_Sidewise(1).jpg “I was drawn to Sidewise because it addressed the workspace needs of a young organization in an adult manner. Many of our clients are integrating reduced footprints with dynamic, collaborative spaces but need more refinement in the products they use. Sidewise integrates both of these aspects.”
Designers Select: Tables and Casegoods_05 DanMenchions.jpg Dan Menchions, IIDA, ASID, ARIDO
II by IV Design

Designers Select: Tables and Casegoods_06 Baltus_Zen.jpg I appreciate the engineering and tooling involved in this piece. It’s stunning. It has gravity and weight. I love the contrast between the table’s rustic quality of the oak detailing with the smooth lacquer finish.”
Designers Select: Tables and Casegoods_07 BodoSperlein_ContourTable.jpg “This table juxtaposes a retro throw-back with a contemporary air. Its soft lines and fluidity have a very sleek and sexy appeal.”
Designers Select: Tables and Casegoods_08 Daha_Color50console.jpg “What is striking about this piece—a side table and console—is its clever assembly and use of color. It’s more like an art installation.”
Designers Select: Tables and Casegoods_09 KlasEklof Klas Eklöf
Senior Associate
MBH Architects
Alameda, California

Designers Select: Tables and Casegoods_10 Cappellini_Poh “This object calmly displays its mixture of fabrication techniques: Handmade and CNC coexist peacefully,” he says. “It begs the question: Mass art or artsy mass?”
Designers Select: Tables and Casegoods_11 MASHstudios_PCHBuffet.jpg “Sea Ranch, fog, northwest winter swell. The PCH series is well named, and brings you to the California coast in teak squares.”
Designers Select: Tables and Casegoods_12 Vitra_Corniches.jpg “Recently, I spent a few nights in an antique miner’s cabin, high in the Sierra Nevadas. The walls were splattered with utility hooks at every height. Instead of unpacking my things into a closet, I unpacked onto the walls. I was reminded of this night when I saw Corniches—they’re perfect for propping up that purloined letter.”