Designers Select: Office

Designers Select: Office
Dec 05, 2012

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Designers Select: Office_01 C_HART-Headshot.jpg Christine A. Hart
Interior Designer
VOA Associates

Designers Select: Office_02 IDP_Clear-IdeaPaint_600x400.jpg “I love the simplicity of an idea that offers such a wide range of opportunities for useful, writable space. No longer are we limited by a few neutral writable surface options—every color of the
rainbow can be that backdrop,” says Hart.

Designers Select: Office_03 Buzzi-BuzziSwitch_600x400.jpg “Clients frequently request multipurpose, flexible working environments, and these mobile and multiuse pieces offer that versatility without compromising style. I would use these for teaming and lounge spaces,” she says.

Designers Select: Office_04 Allsteel-Beyond_600x400.jpg “Beyond gives you those crisp glass corners and acoustical privacy while still allowing light transfer and creating an open space,” says Hart. “Even in more traditional offices, we are seeing fewer solid partitions and more transparency between spaces.”

Designers Select: Office_05 Armstrong_WoodWorksLinear_600x400.jpg “It is a beautiful wooden ceiling without the extensive cost, engineering, and lead time associated with millwork ceilings,” she says. “It can even be used in areas that would not have been previously considered
because of economic challenges. WoodWorks opens up new possibilities.”

Designers Select: Office_06 3M-FLEX_600x400.jpg “This is not your standard horizontal lighting. Flex runs continuously both vertically and horizontally, offering graphic style and alternatives to typical office lighting,” says Hart. “It’s best used in an open area where a large run with multiple twists and turns can be accommodated for enhanced visual interest.”

Designers Select: Office_07 Coalesse-Hosu_600x400.jpg “Now more than ever, my clients are looking for creative, alternative work styles to engage their teams and encourage inspired thinking,” Hart says. “Hosu offers more than a conventional lounge piece would, with a fold-out chaise, cord pass-through, and storage. It can easily be a mini office or comfortable teaming area.”