Designers Select: Healthcare

Designers Select: Healthcare
Dec 05, 2012

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Designers Select: Healthcare_01 Christine-Vandover.jpg Christine Vandover, IIDA
Interior Designer
New York

Designers Select: Healthcare_02 Xorel-Graphic_600x400.jpg “Xorel is excellent for healthcare with its cleanability, and with the development of printed Xorel, it can be brought into areas where you need pattern with a beautiful woven look such as a consultation room,” she says.

Designers Select: Healthcare_03 SILVR_ION_Carolina_600x400.jpg “Hospitals are requiring durable metal legs on patient chairs with ease of cleanability, and this chair meets those requirements but also features silver ion technology. This antimicrobial finish sets it apart from others in the market,” says Vandover.

Designers Select: Healthcare_04 Takeform_purify_600x400.jpg “Hand sanitizers are sometimes difficult to work into designs, and are often overlooked. I hate to see the sanitizers sitting haphazardly at a reception desk; it really affects your first impression, and looks cluttered,” she explains. “This is a simple accessory that could be set in a niche in a desk or wall to keep the design intact and the space neat and tidy.”

Designers Select: Healthcare_05 JANUSetCie-Serenna_600x400.jpg “For labor and delivery rooms, public areas for family members, and staff lounges, we usually search for a good rocking chair that doesn’t look institutional, since rocking motion can reduce anxiety and create a sense of calm. With its cleanable polypropylene webbing and low-back design, this one really meets those points,” says Vandover.

Designers Select: Healthcare_06 Xhibit-HIGHTOWER_600x400.jpg “Magazine storage needs to be considered for staff lounges, waiting areas, even exam rooms,” she says. “Piled up on top of tables, they can really look unkempt, which affects a patient’s perception of cleanliness. Hightower has really great displays that meet functional and durability requirements, but have a lighter, modern look.”

Designers Select: Healthcare_07 Humanscale-PonySaddle_600x400.jpg “It has a clean and minimal design, and it works well from a safety point of view. Stools without a back have the chance of sliding away from underfoot but, with the shape of this one, staff can straddle it and keep it in place,” Vandover says.