Designers Select: Hospitality

Designers Select: Hospitality
Dec 10, 2012

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Designers Select: Hospitality_01 Shawn-Sullivan.jpg Shawn Sullivan
Rockwell Group
New York

Designers Select: Hospitality_02 Josh-Vogel_600x400.jpg “Each piece is handmade, unique, poetic, and a one-of-a-kind sculpture,” Sullivan says. “In a world of machine-made products, those who create timeless pieces in the old ways should be celebrated. The vessels would be great on a natural stone countertop anywhere.”

Designers Select: Hospitality_03 Azadeh-Shladovsky_600x400.jpg “The contrast of the open wood grain top against the high-polished black finish with inlays has a very contemporary feel. The attention to detail is truly incredible. Put these stools next to any side table and people are sure to notice them.”

Designers Select: Hospitality_04 Lina-Nordqvist_600x400.jpg “These represent a contemporary twist on a classic Windsor back chair,” Sullivan says. “It might be interesting to pair these chairs with some marble tables for an urban coffee bar.”

Designers Select: Hospitality_05 Jason-Koharik_600x400.jpg “The simplicity of these lamps is great. The two-tone metal finish—bright brass on the inside against a dark exterior patina—really makes the interior pop,” he says. “They would create unique accents on a hotel reception desk.” 
Designers Select: Hospitality_06 Henrybuilt_600x400.jpg “The unique contours of the seat and back, along with its simple details and style, make this solid wooden chair a favorite,” Sullivan says. “Like a Donald Judd sculpture, these minimalist chairs become striking pieces in large quantity. They would be great as the main chair in a café.” 
Designers Select: Hospitality_07 Lindsey-Adelman_400x600.jpg “These hand-blown glass fixtures have an industrial vibe to them. With more New York restaurants requesting a more casual setting, it would be great to feature a single piece over a communal table or several covering the entire ceiling of a restaurant.”