Designers Select: Education

Designers Select: Education
Dec 10, 2012

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Designers Select: Education_01 Carrie-Perrone.jpg Carrie Perrone, AIA
Education Planner/Classroom Specialist, Learning Studio

Designers Select: Education_02 Allsteel-Gather_600x400.jpg “The collection meets current trends in active learning environments with its flexible family of products,” says Perrone. “We look forward to seeing View, All Around, Scooch, and Hedge installed in the Learning Center at Central Arizona College, Maricopa Campus.”

Designers Select: Education_03 3form_exteriors_600x400.jpg “3form brings ease to the design process with its Ready To Go solutions. The integration of color,
visual texture, and light allowed us to specify product in multiple configurations for wayfinding and entry identification on a recent project.”

Designers Select: Education_04 momentumsilica_600x400.jpg “We just installed three shades of this high-performing upholstery for lounge units at Gateway
Community College’s student services area. It’s PVC-free, perfect for public use, and a durable alternative to vinyl and polyurethane.”

Designers Select: Education_05 Finelite_600x400.jpg “ICLS (Integrated Classroom Lighting System) is zoned and stepped lighting made easy and functional for classrooms,” she says.
Designers Select: Education_06 Steelcase-verb_600x400.jpg “Verb results from Steelcase’s extensive research and understanding of educational needs,” Perrone says. “This accessorized table meets a variety of learning and teaching styles allowing for multiple classroom configurations. It offers a clever integration of tools that facilitate the interaction of students and engagement of instructors.” 
Designers Select: Education_07 Knoll-toboggan_600x400.jpg “We think a slogan for the versatile Toboggan chair could be ‘surprising comfort meets surprising function.’ This simple and playful form has the potential to be the reformed version of the standard and very utilitarian classroom tablet armchair.”