Designers Select: Tables and Desks

Designers Select: Tables and Desks
Jan 31, 2013

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Designers Select: Tables and Desks_01 Angie-Lee.jpg Angie Lee
Design Director, Interiors
Perkins Eastman
New York 
Designers Select: Tables and Desks_02 Innovant-FormOffice.jpg “Trading desks have become more streamlined and standard workplace benching more high-tech,” Lee says. “This desk beautifully captures the overlap between the two worlds. I could use this for trading floor support or for a non-trading client interested in an elegant profile with height adjustability.” 
Designers Select: Tables and Desks_03 Davis-Ekko.jpg “The Ekko tables, with their technology management and sculptural base, are genius, and some of my absolute favorites in the contract world,” says Lee. “The latest addition of this occasional table makes this a compelling suite.” 
Designers Select: Tables and Desks_04 AndreuWorld-Tao.jpg “This table’s asymmetric base offers generous knee space but is cleverly disguised as a whimsically modern gesture.” 
Designers Select: Tables and Desks_05 Neil_Schneider.jpg Neil Schneider
Senior Designer
IA Interior Architects
Designers Select: Tables and Desks_06 Hightower-Insula.jpg “Level changes and nesting options have been a great option for our clients,” according to Schneider. “With the reduction of space, the idea of different heights and flexibility are becoming more popular.” 
Designers Select: Tables and Desks_07 Bernhardt-Itinerary.jpg “Flexibility in our mobile world has become a norm in our corporate environments,” says Schneider. “These graceful multifunction tables are perfect for everything from offices at a law firm to a technology company.” 
Designers Select: Tables and Desks_08 Geiger-loophole.jpg “I am inspired by the subtle curves in this piece. Reminiscent of Danish classic design, this begs one to look at the innovative woodwork detailing.”  
Designers Select: Tables and Desks_09 Patricia-Muzlay.jpg Patricia Muzlay
Senior Designer
Wimberly Interiors
Designers Select: Tables and Desks_10 giorgetti-yli.jpg “There is something honest, true, and comfortable about Chi Wing Lo’s table. The warmth of timber marries beautifully with the inlaid top, creating perfect harmony.” 
Designers Select: Tables and Desks_11 classicon-bell.jpg “This jewel-like table by Sebastian Herkner is a true eye-catching piece,” Muzlay says. “I love the way the colored glass transforms the quality of light. It’s a beautiful blend of a delicate hand-blown base with a spun brass top.” 
Designers Select: Tables and Desks_12 davidson-bronson.jpg “What strikes me most is the elegance with which the horizontal and vertical planes intersect. The contrasting materials make it a focal piece for any luxury hospitality project, one that I think Coco Chanel would have loved!”