Designers Select: Hospitality products

Designers Select: Hospitality products
Apr 22, 2013  Designers Ariane Steinbeck, Shay Lam Nakashiki, and Kathleen Dauber discuss their favorite hospitality products and solutions

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Designers Select: Hospitality products_01 DS_Ariane_copy.jpg  Ariane Steinbeck, IIDA

Managing Director/Principal


Hong Kong

Designers Select: Hospitality products_02 DS_Seura_alone.jpg Seura: Seura Storm

“This is an outdoor television that’s elegant in design yet tough in construction—the armor actually resists fading and corrosion. We’re excited about this, and recommend it for a wide variety of hospitality clients, particularly resorts.”

Designers Select: Hospitality products_03 DS_Weitzner.jpg Weitzner Limited: Quarry

“This is such a luscious material to use without having the technical limitations of installing dimension stone. What’s more, it uses progressive Clean Vinyl Technology (CVT). I can’t wait to explore the possibilities.”

Designers Select: Hospitality products_04 DS_Flavor_Paper.jpg Flavorpaper: DUMBO Wall

“This product is called Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, or DUMBO Wall. And it is so much more than wallpaper. DUMBO creates a sense of place without having to resort to the obvious.”

Designers Select: Hospitality products_05 DS_Shay_Lam.jpg Shay Lam Nakashiki

Senior Associate
Perkins Eastman
New York

Designers Select: Hospitality products_06 DS_EXYD EXYD: M Line

“This faceted cubic panel for our Quin Hotel project is based on EXYD’s M line, but with three-dimensional form. With beautiful, sharp angles, it’s
a huge departure from their previous flat installations. The outcome is absolutely gorgeous!"

Designers Select: Hospitality products_07 DS_Buckingham.jpg Signature Plumbing Specialties: Buckingham

“Signature is my go-to for plumbing. They take your drawings and concepts and manufacture them with special attention to detail and craftsmanship. My personal favorite is the Quin Hotel line of fixtures we designed ourselves—Buckingham.” 

Designers Select: Hospitality products_08 DS_TeleAdapt.jpg TeleAdapt: TA-8800 MediaHub SL

“These media hubs and chargers are perfect for
the modern global traveler and can blend into
the guestrooms. Pretty stellar.” 

Designers Select: Hospitality products_09 DS_Kathleen_8462.jpg Kathleen Dauber

Los Angeles

Designers Select: Hospitality products_10 DS_Four_Hands.jpg Four Hands: Nilleq Table by Bleu Nature

“The integration of contemporary materials with organic items bring warmth into a contemporary space. The balance of organic elements with sleek finishes provides a necessary balance to design.”

Designers Select: Hospitality products_11 DS_Treefrog_Veneer_stack.jpg Treefrog Veneer: Treefrog Groove

“It’s a great alternative to real wood veneer. Its texture and color adds richness and depth
to an interior.”

Designers Select: Hospitality products_12 DS_Bespoke_Global_wall.jpg Bespoke Global: Deco Leather Wallcovering

“The three-dimensional properties of this wallcovering add movement and drama
to a formerly static wall surface.”