The 2013 AIA COTE Top Ten Green Projects

The 2013 AIA COTE Top Ten Green Projects
Apr 23, 2013 The program celebrates architectural solutions that protect and enhance the environment. 

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The 2013 AIA COTE Top Ten Green Projects_01 Top Ten Green Projects The Clock Shadow Building houses a mix of non-profit organizations providing healthcare services for the neighborhood’s under-served population, as well as an artisan cheese factory and a premium ice cream store. Following the Living Building Challenge, the building meets the mission of economic improvement, social justice, environmental restoration, and cultural celebration.

Architect: Continuum Architects +Planners
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Photo Credit: Daniel Andera Photography 
The 2013 AIA COTE Top Ten Green Projects_02 Top Ten Green Projects With reuse and high energy-performance as part of both the GSA and ARRA requirements, the Federal Center South Building 1202 building fuses programmatic, functional, and aesthetic objectives while achieving a new standard for high-performance, cost-effective, and sustainable workplace environments. The building serves as the regional headquarters for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Northwest District.

Architect: ZGF Architects LLP
Location: Seattle, Washington

Photo Credit: Benjamin Benschneider 
The 2013 AIA COTE Top Ten Green Projects_03 Top Ten Green Projects The design of the Marin Country Day School Learning Resource and Courtyard utilized student participation to reinforce a sense of connection with the site. The project includes a new library and technology center, art studios, classrooms, and student services offices in 23,094 square feet of new buildings and 10,646 square feet of renovations.

Architect: EHDD
Location: Corte Madera, California

Photo Credit: Josh Partee 
The 2013 AIA COTE Top Ten Green Projects_04 Top Ten Green Projects Housing disadvantaged or formerly homeless seniors, the Merritt Crossing Senior Apartments is one of the first new developments planned near the Lake Merritt BART regional transit station. The apartments are all reserved for seniors with incomes between 30 percent and 50 percent of area median.

Architect: Leddy Maytum Stacy Architects
Location: Oakland, California

Photo Credit: Tim Griffith 
The 2013 AIA COTE Top Ten Green Projects_05 Top Ten Green Projects Originally constructed in 1933 as a model for affordable and efficient living, the New Norris House revisits themes on the use and scale of public and private resources. The project entailed the resolution of technological or scientific challenges, as well as legal, social, and aesthetic issues that currently restrict green construction.

Architect: Tricia Stuth, Robert C. French
Joint Venture or Associate Architect: College of Architecture & Design, University of Tennessee Knoxville
Location: Knoxville, Tennessee

Photo Credit: Ken McCown 
The 2013 AIA COTE Top Ten Green Projects_06 Top Ten Green Projects Serving as a model and catalyst for green urban revitalization, the Pearl Brewery/Full Goods Warehouse is now a meeting ground for new residents, small businesses, retail, and non-profits. The project maintains the identity of the historic brewery while radically repurposing the existing buildings.

Architect: Lake Flato Architects
Joint Venture or Associate Architect: Durand-Hollis Rupe Architects
Location: San Antonio, Texas 
The 2013 AIA COTE Top Ten Green Projects_07 Top Ten Green Projects Designed to achieve a long-term cost savings to San Francisco, the building acts as the defining northwest edge to the space formed by the Civic Center. The designers also created the healthiest, most effective, and comfortable work environment for the employees.

Architect: KMD Architects
Joint Venture or Associate Architect: KMD/Stevens Joint Venture
Location: San Francisco, California

Photographs ©2012 Bruce Damont 
The 2013 AIA COTE Top Ten Green Projects_08 Top Ten Green Projects Merging with existing pedestrian patterns and an adjacent building, the Swenson Civil Engineering Building reinforces existing circulation patterns and mediates grade changes. The building also showcases structural and mechanical processes and stormwater management techniques.

Architect: Ross Barney Architects
Joint Venture or Associate Architect: SJA Architects
Location: Duluth, Minnesota

Photo Credit: Kate Joyce Studios 
The 2013 AIA COTE Top Ten Green Projects_09 Top Ten Green Projects With nearly net-zero energy, the Ying Yang house functions as both a home and a commercial office for both parents and as a private home with several children. Passive measures, such as a very tight building envelope, reduce energy demand by more than 50 percent. The 12-kW solar system produces 100 percent of its electricity needs.

Architect: Brooks + Scarpa
Location: Venice, California

Photo Credit: John Edward Linden
The 2013 AIA COTE Top Ten Green Projects_10 Top Ten Green Projects Named for the scientist whose research first alerted the world to the green house effect, the Charles David Keeling Apartments address stormwater management, water scarcity, and carbon emissions. The three buildings are visually united with the existing 1960s Fleet Residences by a high-quality, cast-in-place white concrete.

Architect: KieranTimberlake
Location: La Jolla, California

Photo Credit: Tim Griffith 
The 2013 AIA COTE Top Ten Green Projects_11 Top Ten Green Projects 355 Eleventh is a LEED-NC Gold adaptive reuse of a historic and previously derelict turn-of-the-century industrial building. Focusing on engaging the public with meaningful sustainable spaces, the Matarozzi/Pensinger Multi-Use Building includes a cost-effective headquarter office and a sustainable restaurant space.

Architect: Aidlin Darling Design
Location: San Francisco, California

Photo Credit: Matthew Millman